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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NegativeCreep42, May 13, 2004.

  1. Alright i havent seen one of these threads in awhile so im gonna make it.

    So where is yer special spot? Do you go there alone or with friends? Add pics if ya can.

    My spot is my bathroom in my room. I light my candles, Light up my incense and spark a bowl. Another spot is at me friends house up on his balcony all 4 of us(somtimes 5) pass the bubbler and hit the hookah.

    But, my all time favorite spot has got to be up in Prescott(AZ), where my church usually has our annual retreat to the pines. It's so sweet at the spot me and my friend go, its right my a nice ass water fall and a stream, which we use for bong water. I wish I was there now...

    So, where's your spot?
  2. Usually in my friends room where we hit the bong. Or outside late night tokin i got a really nice view so i usually kick it out there after i toke
  3. in my town every development has a nice little smoke spot in the woods...
  4. theres doobie shack 1, which is in my neighbors playhouse, doobie shack 2 which is in a freinds neighbors treehouse, doobie shack 3, which is in someones shed, theres this awesome place in a forest where a little creek runs through. had alotta great times there. and theres also my crawlspace which is pretty sweet. i got some beanbags down there and now a mini fridge and we just light some incense, turn up some doors, lay on the bean bags and smoke
  5. bakery 1-my friends house
    bakery 2-my friends ride, which is stained with the stench of pot
    bakery 3-this dock
  6. haha well me n my friends have at least 5-10 smoke spots in different neighborhoods around our area... just park, run into the woods for a smoke and come back out
  7. I smoke in my room alot... but that gets kinda boring. My car is cool to smoke in too cause Ive got 3 12's in it, bass is nice when your stoned.
    But by far the best place to smoke is this burl waterfall a little ways from my house. Its called Watson falls and I think its at least 400 feet tall... fuckin sweet place to smoke and relax. I always think about the indians that were their for hundreds of years before me and it really shows just how insignifacant we are...

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  8. ^^^omg that is amazing! i wanna go there.
  9. i have a different selection. I sometimes go in my bathroom and do some killhits i learned from watchin the killhits video luke and his friend made, I sometimes go into my car and hotbox with my friends or my friend tracys crib.
  10. anyplace outside with a cool view. (like above)
    smokin in the mountains in whistler bc is an experience of a lifetime and i hope one day every one of you gets to do it, its simply incredible... even if your not in the woods or at the base of a huge waterfall, you smoke in the village with all that shit surrounding you, its unreal
    but for at home in michigan, we smoke by the river or in a car
  11. Me and my freinds usaully smoke in my one freinds shack. its right above his garage, and theres just a love seat and a couple chairs there. and the best part is that his mom doesnt care so we usaully go there and just chill out. or sometiems we'll walk over to the graveyard and sit on this bigass monument.
  12. i love to blaze up in my basment. me and my boys hitting the bong blunts bowls anything its great. cars are always good. or my g/f house is the best to blaze a smoke and pussy no better things in he world
  13. Sitting in my recliner torching one up and watching the looney tunes!

  14. what a great pic. i envy you your waterfall--what a beautiful place to smoke. or even to not smoke!
  15. my spot is in my garage, where i have a couch, a t.v., and my girlfriend...its so badass, just chillin and smokin!

    toke for life!!!
  16. If im at home ill smoke in my room with incense and music, with the window open. If im out at my mates college well go down the park stoner bench of ours or to the canal side stoner bench, either one is good. Otherwise well just find some secluded spot away from the public eye in the area we happen to be in.
  17. toke place #1 is in an old abandoned brick railway hut in a field near my house

    toke place #2 is under a canal bridge not too far from my house, its pretty fuckin cool there cuz the side of the canal we go on is totally overgrown so no one ever see's us, and we can get baked and lay back on the sloping floor :)
    its there where my mate (yujit) and me manage to convince ourselves that gravity has shifted 90 degrees or sumin, so we lose balance, its easy to do cuz the floor slopes up at like 45 degrees under the bridge.
  18. my mates truck usually. and then just drive around. thats about all that i need for a good smoke.
  19. Either in our guest house with some music playing
    My back yard on a nice bench
    Or in the loft of my garage.

    Wherever the place, I always leave feeling content and stoned : )
  20. Middle of the gravel pit in my buddy's Astro van engine off, picth black except for the console lights and the radio.

    the only significant light source is the lighter as people take bong rips. Very chill. then after we're all fucking baked, a few of use will climb up onto the roof of the van and stare at the stars, or we'll go fuck around among the big mounds of gravel, and then there are a few of us who stay in the van just chilling and talking.

    then about 30-40 mins later, we all congregate back to the van for some more blazing.

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