Tha Shagwagon, AKA my pimptacular new ride!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Well, finally my quest has ended and i found the pimp ass ride I've been lookin' for. I bought it yesterday and I think it'll be the perfect vehicle for what i want to do with it.

    It's a '77 Chevy Van 10 with a 1994 350ci engine, almost new tranny, and runs perfect. When i began to look for a van a while back, this is the exact van i had in mind.

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  2. "Old dudes" had it befoe me and they took good care of it, fixed everything up, then died, so everything is like new on it, it's like having a new 1977 van. Oh, and check this out, it's already got the stoner interior, peep this carpet!

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  3. Now I got tha vehicle I need to travel with bikes and gear, and a friend of mine has a trailer I might try to buy to put more gear on and so I can take my YZ250 with me wherever i go. Now i just need to get my ass up in the mountains and do some campin' with it, and figure out what I need to do so i can live in it for a week at a time.


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  4. haha nice, thats fuckin cool
  5. Shit man!!! Thatrs fucking RAD!!!!

    Oh my god, i can smell the pizza, day old beer, and stale chron smoke already... yummmm.


    Theres gonna be some GREAT times in that there van. If your ever in BC, come take me for a ride ;) Ill blaze you out and show you all the cool spots around here to PARTYYYY.
  6. Hey Adam, i'm workin' on BC dude, trying to get a job with forest service firefightin' so i'll have like 9 months of off season. If that goes thru i'm comin' to BC for a while, i want to do some bikin, boardin, and blazin up there.


  7. what a great idea!! hey I love the van! nice!! :)

    Id love to go do that through bc. you better do it now so I can live vicariously through your stories :)
  8. haha...I love it.

    But that interior needs a little something ...maybe a little disco ball hanging from the cieling! Yah, that'd do it!

    Great Ride!
  9. that's a hardcore ride man
  10. that's awesome. you need some throw pillows or a futon matress to throw in the back of there when you aren't hauling bikes or something.
  11. Yeah, i'm on the lookout for a disco ball now.

  12. i dig the rims should a get a wee fridge so you have something to eat while crusin ....
  13. cool, lot better smokin vehicle than mine!

  14. do you remeber goldfish in heels?

    i don't know why i just thought of that, but everytime i do think of it i laugh...
  15. yeah, I got a ford ranger ext. cab, so I can fog the bitch out pretty quick. I always smoke in my truck for some reason...thats like my spot!
  16. I paid $1000, i think i got a good deal.

  17. im still in awe. i love this van. you've inspired me. i think i need one of those now. infact, i will own one. i just need to get my truck up and on the road first.

    But yea, if your planning on BOarding Blazing and Biking, BC is YOUR STOP!! we've got it all man! your gonna have a great time. BC is fucking pimp, which'll match your pimptacular new ride.

    Take that baby to the beach, pick up some hotties, and cruise van hotboxing away.

    Oh damn, i dont even know you and Ill never see that van in my life, and im already fantasizing about all the sweet times we could have in there :D hahahaha damn i need a car like that!!!!!!!

    Fuck!!! I wouldnt be home for MONTHS!!!

    thanks alot toosicks, now im gonna be trying to save up for a van when i havent even finished my truck. hahaha oh well. material possessions are fucking rad, and screw anyone who tries to tell you otherwise!!!
  18. Hell yeah adam, go for it dude, and who knows, maybe i'll come up to BC and we'll get to hang out, cause i'm seriously schemein' iand plottin' about how i'm gonna get to BC (possibly to move up there) cause i wanna check it ot and at least live there for a season in my van just travelin around, hittin bc, kamloops, chiliwack, and maybe even a road trip out to calgary, all over just bikin' boardin' and blazin' and possibly makin a movie/biking vid of the whole trip.

    But yeah, look around, cause you sometimes can come across the pimpest stuff outta nowhere, a friend of mine that i told i wanted a van found this one and within a few hours it was mine.

    Whay truck you got? If it's a Toyota 4wd don't sell it maan, beef it up and pimp it out, those are the raddest trucks, they're some tuff mofos, my dad had one that i drove for a while and we did desert trips from arizona to cali without driving on any roads, desert blastin' all the way like 250 miles, over mountains, jumping washes, and tha truck just kicked ass.

  19. nah i got a pimpin 88 S10.

    its fucking rad. Seat warmers, thigh lower and upper back massage.

    man. its gonna be the fucking pimpest ride ever when its done! ill try to get some pics of it soon.

    its gonna be LOOOOOOOW.
  20. what engine has that s10 got in it? If its a 350 or better, you should hot rod it. You can easily make 400 hp out of a decent smallblock.

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