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Tha Fuckkkkk!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stankypanky, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hey GC, ive got some bad news:(

    I just secured a plug for some dank nugs and most importantly magical fungi 2 weeks ago. Been through him once.
    Texted my guy earlier today and he said he got robbed. Someone stopped by his house while he was gone and swiped the place.

    What do i do? Since i'm a new customer i think he may think it was me. Or he may quit dealing because of it. Im worried ill lose my favorite hookup!!!!!
  2. lol really?
  3. You had to go and break the rules, didn't ya?

    Before this goes to wherever the hell threads go when they get deleted...Why is he going to think it is you? Why would he quit dealing? These are easy questions that may, or may not, ease your mind.

    If all else fails ask the chimp.:cool:
  4. I think this thread needs some pudding POPS
  5. whatre you 14?
  6. You call the cops and tell them it was you who robbed his house. That's what you should do
  7. Why's everybody shitting on the OP? If I met a new dealer and within a week he was robbed, I'd be concerned he'd pin the blame on me as well.. My advice OP is to try not to worry about it and wait until he either brings it up, which he most likely won't, or until he picks up again.
  8. he might not quit dealing, i mean, hows he gonna get all his shit back :p altho he might, because it was probably someone he pissed off or got pissed off and took revenge due to dealing. Oh well, just be honest, was it you?!
  9. Hes gonna shoot you man.

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