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tha best high music

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sergy10, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. yo for all who like rap, or if you even dont, tha best high music has got to be Brotha Lynch and his crew (Mr. Doctor, Baby Reg Big Dan, SicX,etc.).
    it is tha sickest shit. if u never heard him before download that shit.
  2. nothin beats Bob Marley
  3. Kottonmouth Kings, but I agree nothing beats bob marley!
  4. Techno is good, i myself hate it but when im high i get really fucked up if i listen to techno especially in a car!

  5. Le dZep and Tim Buckley...oh and last but not least Tom McCrae...heavy heavy stoner music
  6. I like Pink Floyd, especially when I'm in one of those paranoid moods. It really makes you feel good. Nothing bad comes from Pink Floyd!
  7. id liek to settle this everysong sounds 100 times better when your stoned i love everysong io have every heard when i was stoned but probably because im an avid music freak
  8. snoop dogg, and A perfect circle are the best groups ever stonned!!
  9. I think Tool is a lot better than A Perfect Circle when high, even though they're basically the same. But that's just my personal opinion, you prolly don't agree. *LOL*
  10. TOOL kicks arse man especially triad and faaip de oiad off lateralus.listening to those back to back as loud as can be or pantera suicide note pt. 1 and 2

  11. me too! i grew up on everything, and stayed that way.

    mostly i listen to music stations because i hate having to keep getting up to change the music. so i listen to galaxie gold rock and egde tv.
  12. I cant agre with that, there isnt enough weed in the world to make me enjoy some backstreet boys\britney spears tunes!!
  13. I have to agree there. Nothing can make me like the pop music stuff. I'll just stick with my rock n roll man.

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