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  1. I can't wait to get this bitch in bed, I am going to eat her asshole like it's my last meal!

    What kind of fucking are you planning on this weekend?
  2. I'm gonna eat a fucking bacon sandwich
  3. Uh this girl wants to bang but I am not going to.
  4. She is all yours.
  5. YESS!!!!!!!i
  6. Dude I love eating ass. Only if its a nice ass. I used to make this girl cum from having her sit on my face kinda, but she gave me enough room to lick :devious:
    That with the clit rubbing, oh she loved my sex. And my dick. She was gorgeous too, looked like Helen of Troy in the movie Troy.
    Too bad she was my best friends ex and she crushed him, I woulda made her mine.
  7. Handjob..

    From myself. :(

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