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  1. this aint my week ,frist my freind bad toad has a heart atack,than my daughter & my grand daughters moves to southern ny,i'll miss them alot ! my wifes gone tell 11:00 tonight ,my step sons wires father had a heart atack so hes gone somewhere ! its not fun being here blind and only! it shows me how full my life was and how fast things can change with out are control over them ! whats every one doing to night ,some one say something be fore i lose it!i feel like getting drunk but that would help with my meds i would just get sick! this sucks,i am with drawing from the world again ,i dont talk on here very much any more and fuck this i am going to go set in my grow room and smoke a joint and waste time! this is so fucked up!,.....deqwunfhuwenhf;nh
  2. Sorry Tazz, maybe critter will give us a big smiley to cheer you up!
  3. this is just realy fuck up dude two of my freinds are sick and another has one died and now my grand kids are moveing a way ! all in a weeks time .ive been here all day by my self ,i am going to get stoned ,this is not what i want to do the rest of my life !ill get stoned if that dont do it ill take a sleeping pill and sleep till tomorrow! latter
  4. Rainman, as I read your posts I realized that you often state someone close to you gets hurt. That is too much for me to take in from one person. I hope you are not depressed.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  5. yo man thats not cool, sometimes people go thru hard times. Last month my dad's friend had his brother die on him and then lost his house or sum shit. If he had posted that on here an u siad sum shit like that I woulda fly to whereever the fuck u r an beat the hell outta u. if u dotn wanna have any compasion for others kindly do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.
  6. i am sorry to have pist you off dude i am not up to it right now but when i am ill come make you eat them fucking words you ass hole!
  7. Good God man. everyone's getting a bit out of hand. Rainman, I'm sorry that all that's happened, but as long as you're here on grasscity, you're not completely alone. ANd as far as anyone else cares-keep talking crap about rainman and I'll take all 5'2 118lbs of me over and kick your ass. i ain't scared of ya. To each his own aight
  8. by the way you dont know me and you never well!because i would not waste my time on a shallow minded fuck like your self! you want their names you can call the their doctors how that dude ,your so fucked up you dont even know when your wrong dude !and i could give a fuck if your sorry for me i dont know you my call to freinds here at grass city was for me, not my friends ,fuck this !...
  9. your right ,i should not bring my hard times to the grass city ! so be it! good luck tazz11
  10. [​IMG] PLAY NICE.....or else....[​IMG]..:smoking:
  11. tazz i hope you, your friends, and family get better.

    as for the unbeliever...
    there are better way of expressing what u said.
  12. under where it says log in , it says "welcome to grass city" i guess it should say only if your smileing and haveing a great day and no one you know is sick! well as i see it those words log in only mean something if your not here! yahooka is down , so their you go i came, i help as many as i could, and when i myself need help i was called names, i am blind not dum . good day! .tazz11 loging out!
  13. Tazz11 Sorry to hear things are going so bad for ya! I hope that your luck will turn around and get much better.

    I have had a bad day today. Sometimes things just get fucked up no matter how hard we try. Try to relax a little and keep us posted friend.

    Keep the faith!
  14. Seriuosly Rainman, no one wants you loggin out or nuttin. Just cause 1 person says stupid shit doesn't mean ever1 else feels that way. Keep your head uo and rememeber that people here feel your pain and that's why they tell when they respond. DSOn't worry about little minded people-we all know where they go.
  15. thank you all what a day can make my freind bad toad is comeing home today or tomorrow ,he made it threw it i will be here all day by my self planing a comeing hyome party for him ,i havent hert any thing about jeff yet but ,ia, going to look at the postive things frist after being so depress yesterday! i am a god dam log in and hope to have better news soon ! as for some one that said some thing when i was bad and sad and pist as well i am sorry i have bad days as well as the most of you do ! but i feel them more at times than i wish! thans critter, bud head ,bpp,aeroblurg,jada,cowboy ,dawodin.thank you all what can i say your why i came here the other day you care about others and help them if you can ,one of the finer things mankind iknow for! good luck tazz11
  16. a big cyberhug to ya, Tazz ((((((((TAZZ11))))))))

    I'm glad bad toad is coming home!! Have fun celebrating, and remember we all love you and are thinking of you. If I lived closer i'd come visit ya so you weren't so lonely.

    Hang in there!!
  17. d-loc420,its shame you did not know me before saying what you said you were wrong ,i bring feelings here becuase i have lots of them i am alive and share it with my frieinds yes i care about the members here as if they are my brothers and sisters! and closeist friends ,thats because some times they are! i live by a code of honer and thats say when you blow up at someone in disrespect , you can only say you are sorry and admet you were wrong and back away ,i am sorry and i was wrong for venting at you ! you were wrong about me but that dose not exsue my actions!or reply ,i know why i replyed the way i did i love all the people in my life and spend many years trying to help others but god has his hummor and i am loseing them one by one, its not easy when you care so much about those around you! i dont know you only you can say what you think is right ! so i well say i am sorry for blowing up at you!and back away one step ,you well not hear my words again ,unless you ask for them! i was not wrong! only out of place! and not my self ! .....for what the day will bring only god know us all!.......good luck tazz11
  18. Hey rainman,

    I hope you feel somewhat better, you know you are always welcome here. Also I don't mind if people post their misery here. You can't be happy all the time. No one expect that of you. D-loc should have respected your feeling as we all do respect his postings. We are living on this planet together people!


  19. thanks gal ! i cant wait for him to get home i get to play mother hen ,lol ,his a great guy and has i hope many years ahead of him! hes a friendly giant! 6,6 and 270 ,and a heart just as big! its funny realy his way of rebaying me for helping him when he was homeless is to help and protect me !lol i never ask him to, he just likes looking over me and being my freind ! he never ask for any thing ,i gave him a home and land in fla but he says he needs to help me!i think he needed a freind in his life at a time when things were realy bad and i step in and helped him to his feet ,he has nothing bout respect for me and my family ,witch he is become part of! how are you doing gal i worryed about you? how did it go ? you know what i mean ? gods looking over you he wants me to have someone to shoot the shit with !lol , only time can tell,gal! .....good luck tazz11
  20. thanks dude ! i remember when i frist came here ,after a bad start you came and helped me ! i said i would bring good things to the grass city and i have i hope even sad feels, is feelings and we all need them ! when we have no feelings ! we are lacking the finist part of the human nature ! love and careing for others open and freely for the trade to being loved are selfs! i hope i bring more of these to the city and i like knowing someone like you! "a rare book cover for the ink and pages!" ......good luck tazz11

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