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TGD's Central Fl. Pick-Up Thread (Dank Bud!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TheGoodDank, May 3, 2011.

  1. #1 TheGoodDank, May 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 5, 2011
    OK so to start here are the pics of everything I had on 4/20, first pic is around a quarter out of the half-O of some bomb krippie we got, later in the day we bought another quarter of the same bud. $170 for the half.
    *Sorry about the fuzziness in some pics, new camera, still trying to figure out settings and what not.


    Here's a few buds out of the half;

    One bud with some dank fries in the background:

    Here's one of the many joints rolled (With some grinded up bud):

    And here's one of the 3 joints (The best one) I brought to the Wiz & Mac Concert:

    That's all for pics but I can tell you a bit about how my fourtwenty went in summary.

    So first thing, I did skip school that day, decided my "B" average was enough to be able to miss a day, or two. Anyway, I spent the night at my friends the night before, woke up, called dealer, bought the bud. Then got started right away with rolling many many joints. After that we smoked a couple then pack I think 4-5 bowls in the pipe & bong. We chilled for a bit then went to McDonald's for breakfast. Got back, smoked a bunch more bowls, then chilled. Same shit until like 6, when we left for the concert. Once we got there we walk in and ask the woman where our seats were, little did we (Me and my 4 friends) know that we had V.I.P tickets. So we head down the hallways and back rooms and shit til we get into the arena. And as soon as you walk in you can smell the aroma of fresh, burning herb. BTW I had 3 joints taped to my waist/hip and so did my friends. Mac/Wiz weren't playing when we got there so we chilled and talked over a joint until Mac came out. When he did I lit up. And then when Wiz came out, I lit it up again. It was the shit, everyone was smoking, like a giant hotbox. Got so high just being there. Also shared a blunt, joint and bowl with some kids around us. All in all it was a bomb ass 4/20. Tell me your story!

    tl;dr, I had the best fucking 4/20 ever!


    Picked up some Afghan the other day, so I decided to upload the pics.
    Eighth for $55. Tell me if you guys want a smoke report and full review each
    time, I think it would be pretty cool. Anyway, hear ya go(Sorry About bad lighting):


    And here's a little pile of kief that came from around a gram I'm guessing:


    Most of that kief over some Afghan:


    Enjoy! :bongin:


    Hello again, got some more bud pics I wanted to post for you guys.

    Today I've got a pic of some fire mids that I got a week after 4/20.
    50 for an eighth and I was pretty satisfied. Like I said, I want to
    start reviewing the bud I get but I need more people to be watching
    my pick-ups. Peace and Pot!

  2. tampa? i got some that looks just like it. was it a lemony smell? cause i was there at the mac and wiz show toooo! small world. haha. but my 420 was quite legit too.
  3. Actually yeah it was kinda lemony but a little more on the fruity side. Did you smoke in the show? It was so sick dude.
  4. i did before and after. i didnt think i would be able to burn. but i hit this kids bowl at the show.
    i had like 4 j's before and i dont remember how many after. haha
  5. Yeah dude I was blitzed the whole day. We weren't sure if we could bring em' in or not but we were damn determined, I mean, Wiz AND Mac, on 4/20. People had to be smoking in there, lol. It was a giant fucking hotbox right?
  6. haha yeah, but you never know and paranoia doesnt help either. haha. but yeah the smoke burned my eyes just about. i think i stopped breathing a couple times too. lol
  7. Haha! Yeah dude my eyes were squinty and red as fuck! Have you seen that MTV footage yet? I'm thinkin' they can't even show that cause everybody they recorded was smoking lol.
  8. damnnn, there were mtv people? didnt even see them, maybe i did. and im currently rolling the same tree as you. haha. smells so gooood.
  9. hell ya we be smokin joints up in a inside arena when pretty lights came to town. THATS an actual hotbox. it was like when you walked in -50% visbility mod was added to your brain due to all the smoke ahahaa
  10. I saw wiz and mac 4 days before so I had my 420 early, and pretty lights.... Is just win in every way possible. But looks like some potent buds man!
  11. Actually, I just smoked 5 bowls of some really good Afghan. Yum.
  12. Added more bud pics.
  13. New bud added.
  14. looks good dude!
  15. Damn thats some great looking bud man. Nice price too lol :wave::wave::wave:
  16. This passed weekend me and some friends picked up a gram of some really dank Grand Daddy Purp. Tasted like grapes on the exhale even in the joint! Very dense and coated with trichomes, purple and almost black throughout, with some fire orange hairs poking out everywhere. I'd rate this a B+. Only got one pic because I forgot to take one before we smoked a half g, lol.

  17. DANK, how much that gram run you, $15? (typical FL price... from what ive seen)
  18. Free! It was given to us by a friend.

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