tga subcool void smoke report

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    Breeder: Subcool
    Lineage if known: Apollo-13 X Querkle
    Vendor: Attitude
    Price: $80
    Type (sativa/indica ratio): 60/40
    Females tested: 3
    Variation: very tall and sparse with some kick ass dank, or medium and bushy with some really good dank.
    Indoor flower period: 60-70 Days
    Plant Size/Structure: Medium height, very branchy, inter-node quantity is absolutely sick.

    Ease of Growing: 9
    Ease of Cloning: 6
    Yield:4-6oz dry pp
    Odor Level: 10 u better have fresh charcoal. super stinky.

    Grow Method: ebb n gro

    Eye Appeal: 10 purples oranges light and dark greens. sticky sticky sticky. your fingers reek after ripping off a bowl.

    Density: 6 with no co2
    Aroma 10 you know that smell u find in a sack once a year...when u know u truly got your hands on something special

    COMMENTS: simple Lucas Formula, h2o2, few drops of superthrive


    Potency 9
    Taste 10
    Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth) 9
    Indica Influence 7
    Sativa 3
    Duration(In hours) 10 min to get. lasts for 1.5+
    Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast) 5
    Overall Satisfaction 10 one of my favs

    High Description: very energetic. also makes your extremities feel loose and free. the breeder says "motivational and creative", i would have to agree.
    Taste: tastes every bit as good as it smells. grape-ish beginnings with a sugary sweet finish.
    Medicinal Strength: 10

    COMMENTS: this strain holds a special place in my heart.

    KEEPER?: Absofreakinlutely

    FINAL COMMENTS: the seeds that grew this mom were from the original 420 seeds released by subcool. the ten i received came out of colorado and migrated their way across the states. ive been smoking this for the last year or two and i am yet to find anything in my area that competes with the flavor and high. i havent been this impressed with a strain since i managed to get my hands on some "real deal" purple urkle six years ago. there were three phenos. tall medium and short. the medium was by far the biggest producer.

    i tweaked a version of the bc bud depot grow report template. wanted to give them credit for it.
  2. Very nice report my friend. Great info!


    P.S: any pictures? :)
  3. Nice, not tried anything from sub yet :smoke:

  4. your really missin out. he has some of the best tasting weeds out there. everything he sells has a 4 leaf rating on attitude. i have some qrazy train beans that i havent started yet. will do that next year. its a cross between trainwreck, trinity, purple urkle, and his own space queen. i absolutely cannot wait to see how it tastes. hes got a couple books out and wrote rosenthals first or second big buds i believe. i only say all this so maybe you check him out on your next seed order. its well worth the extra couple of dollars.
  5. :wave: they have been on to list for a couple of years now but I've already got more beans than I can pop here. All my buddies who have tried their strains really liked them and I've seen some great journals running subcool.

    I just already got more beans than I can pop here and I don't want to run regs anymore while I only have a tiny space to work with :smoking:
  6. just started harversing. cut my tops off today. figured i would post a couple pics

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  7. i wanted some TGA stuff so badly but they dont sell single fems. and buyng and entire pack for 50 and getting 2 females is... a waste when i can just clone some femmed seeds lol. but that stuff looks like the bees knees
  8. i dont really know why he doesnt fem out anything. its not all that difficult to do.
  9. I think it's because some serious breeders out there don't believe in fem'd seeds. They are not "natural" and have higher tendancies to hermie and what not.

    Not that I agree with the choice he is making, but I kind of feel like he is saying if you really want the genetics I have worked hard to make, then you will go with a pack of regular seeds to find the pheno you want.

    Just a thought, I wondered the same thing.

  10. completely agree with both.

    here he is in action... 25 secs in he gives a male a little shake.
    [ame=]seed making.wmv - YouTube[/ame]
  11. I got a TGA mug with my attitude purchase which made me check out their strains. I'm definitely ordering some of their beans next purchase as all I've seen and heard are good things. Thanks for the report!
  12. Huge subcoolfan, might have to grow this one
  13. Anybody know what the ballpark average is for the number of seeds a plant produces?
  14. I've really been wanting to pick up some Querkle, Qrazy Train and Jack the ripper, but I'm already a lil low on space.. So I don't really want to ordering reg seeds and end up with a shitload of males lol.. Guess it might be time to build another veg room lol..
  15. im going to have to figure something else out with my veg also.
  16. hmm, I cut mine around two months ago but can't say the Void is anything special. One of the phenos is pretty strong but that's it, nothing to write home about. I though that for example the best pheno from Power Kush kicked it's ass in every department. The effects are kind of similar.

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