TGA Subcool Plushberry

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  1. TGA Subcool Plushberry
    Day 50
    Grown in 5 Gallon Smart Pot
    Medium: Super Soil cut with 25% Bio Bizz light mix

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  2. Nice looking flowers! I have a fairly similar pheno goin in my garden right now.

    Did you chop her yet? If so what did you end up pulling in that 5 gallon?
  3. nice pics the coloring of buds; just had some plush last week from a generous friend....good taste, smooth, overall a winner.

    i would def considering getting a cut sometime here

  4. She has 5 days before I chop her down. Subs stains have never been the heaviest yielders for me, but I'm guessing I will get 3 oz. dry based on previous runs. The buds are hard as rocks.
  5. The colors on that are wonderful, tempted to pick up a pack of these just to look at now. Nice job.
  6. Beauty of a plant! How was the yield?
    I'm guessing u chopped already.
  7. She is still hanging at the moment. I will update in a few more days.
  8. What was your final weight bro?
  9. It's really pheno dependent. Nice looking plants, man! I had 6/10 female to male ratio. %100 germination, is what I usually get with TGA gear. My favorite pheno yielded least, but had best smell, appearance, potency, taste (more indica dom 63 day harvest.). My second favorite took longer to flower (10 weeks), sativa leaning, but yielded 3.5-4 zips (with little effort). I'm sure with better lighting and some increased lovins I could easily pull more off of them. None of my plants were as pink as yours, though, That's what I was hoping for lols. However, they were all sweet lookers.
  10. Does she smell as sweat as she looks???

    You Know You Want To Send Me a Little Taster Nug / LOL
  11. nice looking plant, I might pick a cutting up.
  12. Dude, that shit is no joke! you def have skill. what nutes do you use?
  13. Mate that look sweet :D ill have to try that after I have done the critical kush ;) what's it smoke like?
  14. yea lookin superb cant wait for the all-in-one freedom of cannabis ....great campaign :metal:
  15. As always, a beautiful specimen. Great work.
  16. Yo. Whats happenin. Just one question. I dont know if u mentioned it before but was it from clone or seed. Im wondering how often these colored phenos show. Thanks.
  17. I have subools querkle flowering at about 6weeks right now. It is purpling on the tops of the main cola(almost unnoticable). Im interested in purple or any color plant other than the usual green. I have a couple strains ive been cloning for some time now, but have never had a purple plant. Beautiful lady btw.

  18. Mine was from seed. Out of a 10 pack I popped 5. Three were females, and two of them were very Space Queen dominant. The third female was the bigger of the three, and had the magenta color.
  19. Thanks. I appreciate it. Im gonna pick me up a ten pack.
  20. Plushberry is the BOMB.

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