Texting is killing the relationship

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  1. Iv been with this girl for around 4 months now, We really like eachother she's also told me she is in love with me. When we are together Nothings wrong and were fine. But when we text eachother it's just horrible. We can't even have full conversations. 75% of our conversations are "mhm, ok, yup" it's gotten to the point where I barley want to text her anymore. What should I do?
  2. She's in love after 4 months? Well that was fast :bongin:
  3. Ahaha I know that's what I was thinking..
  4. Maybe this relationship just isn't in the cards if you guys can't even communicate. Relationships work best with two people that share the same interests and can easily keep a convo going for hours. If you can't do that, then idk what you can even do to help it, maybe try some of the things she enjoys doing, and you guys can talk about it and connect more
  5. Most successive couples i see do not text there significant other all day every day. Me any my GF dont text all day and we are going strong.

    I could never communicate with someone all the time, especially when im not with them. Its annoying and unpractical.
  6. Texting is kind of lame. Used only for business ;)
  7. nobody can talk about something 24/7 theres not that much to talk about in the first place
  8. It sounds like she's a young girl if she's falling in love after 4 months and texts like that, but just be straight up with her. Tell her youre not a big texter and would rather chill and talk to her when youre together where the conversation flows better.

    I pretty much had a coming to jesus meeting with my ex about talking on the phone that was somewhat similar to this. We basically lived together in college but yet every time I was away from her she wanted to talk on the fuckin phone. Shit started to drive me nuts and I was starting to avoid her calls on purpose and lying about what I was doing so I wouldn't have to talk to her. Eventually I was like "look, I love you but loving you doesn't mean I want to talk on the phone every waking second, its starting to squeeze my balls" and she understood. Although we did break up a couple months later haha. But the point is if this texting's not cutting it for you just man up and explain that it's not cutting it for you
  9. if your not in a long distance relationship.

    simply cut out texting out the equation except for minimal small talk, like in the evening if your not with her. or to meet up.
  10. I know how you feel, it can be really tough to keep up a conversation through text, but saying ANYTHING is better than saying "Mhm" or "Yup." Even if it's something completely random. Or you could not text as much, and when you do text you will probably have a lot to talk about.
    You guys just need to put more effort in. Or quit the texting and call each other if it's that bad.
  11. Just stop texting. If you have something serious to talk about I'd suggest seeing her in person or atleast a phone call. In my experience texts are frustrating and misinterpreted because theres no tone, body language, and sarcasm is often missed.
  12. texting is for setting up plans and such, not for chatting.
  13. [quote name='"GodGaveUsWeed"']She's in love after 4 months? Well that was fast :bongin:[/quote]

    I don't think that's terribly unreasonable. I guess it depends if you are a couple that sees eachother once or twice a week or every day.

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