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Texting a connect?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Saul Goodman, May 25, 2009.

  1. Is it bad etiquette for me to text a dealer for a meet?
  2. texts can be traced, my school tries to catch us through taking our phone and reading out texts, ive always asked before texting though, most dealers dont mind just keep it short and simple to the point, dont ask questions in a text unless its just one asking for bud, dont say bud, weed, marijuana, maryjane, use a word that is hinting at weed but not saying it
  3. i usually jus call my dealer
  4. no, and no myspace shit either, that shit can get you fucked, its happend to me, not fun at all
  5. i say its str8 as long as your not using any code words or anything like that. a simple 'yo mind if i stop by?' shouldn't do any harm. buttt i would ask your connect first before you do it, just to be sure
  6. Texts are ok, but DO NOT mention anything illegal. Something like "hey can i stop by" is straight, something like "hey i need some weed you got me?" is not. Texts are recorded, so you should avoid mentioning anyting illegal on them. Same goes for voicemails.
  7. nononononono dont txt!!! this shit seriosly ruined my life! then again i was on the opposite end of the phone as you, but even still dont do it, just call him.

  8. Everyone texts around here. Maybe just text him

    "what up. are you good?"

    That way your not directly saying anything if someones else reads it, but he will know what your talking about.
  9. Texting is never a good thing. Voice calls do not get recorded, at least not the content. Every text you send is saved by your phone company for quite some time and in the event of a bust the LEO's can get a warrant and use the entire texting history against you.
  10. I usually say, "Hey man I heard you got 20 new Greenday tracks on your computer, mind if I come over and check them out?"

    Of course the "Greenday CD's" refers to bud, and the 20 (or whatever I need at the time) is the amount. I text him like this all the time and its been working for me for a long time.

  11. Cops are a lot smarter than you think and most 'code' they can figure out quite easlier. It's also pretty easy for a good DA to get a jury to decide that you were using code.

    Texting is just not a smart thing to do with regards to hookups, period. I know first hand more than one person who got nailed because of it.
  12. #12 KAdernal, May 25, 2009
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    Im with OSG. I say it all the time. Every cell carrier has a database that holds EVERY text you send. the police do not even need a warrant to gain access to it.

    I know plenty of people who thought they were untouchable that got popped like this. the worst part is you dont even know its coming, then it happens and they have everything in writing at your court date. :wave:

    read that article.


  13. Yeah I guess, thats playing it really safe though, I dont really worry about it b/c i doubt cops will be doing anything if yout buying a small amount through text. Only if its weight
  14. Honestly, I really don't think its worth the trouble for the police to get warrants to go through phone records to bust a kid for weed, when they can drive down the road for 5 minutes on a Friday night and grab someone in a fraction of the time.

    But, your dealer might get sketched about it (most are, rightfully so.) Just don't text some shit like "Hey John Q. Dealer, can I come to your house to purchase 1/2 an ounce of marijuana?"

    Just be like, "Yo, you straight?" Or "Yo, can I stop by?" Something simple, but vague.

  15. They do it all the time to bust dealers. I've seen it happen many times. It takes the ADA about 2 minutes to get a warrant for things like that.
  16. my deal has facebook :rolleyes:

    But yeah ask him yourself and the worst he can say is don't.

  17. it kind of depends on how much your buying I think. Police are not going after people who are just pushing grams, they want the guys selling weight, If your just getting a gram or eigth or something I think texting is fine. I probably wouldnt if it was like a QP or something.
  18. I never, ever text when i want to meet up with a dealer, always call. Text just leaves traces and when its in text, no matter how, you can get fucked. I always see peopel printing oiut their fucking aim conversations and showing it to whoever, its so stupid.
  19. You're very wrong. They bust the guy who pushes grams, who then rolls on the guy who sold him an oz, who then rolls on the dude who sold him a QP, etc.

    That's how they do business.

  20. No It's usually, They try to go for the guys that's moving major weight and cut off supply from there..They fry the big fish and hope that cuts off the avenues for the small fish

    You got this kid worried for no reason.
    Your dealer is a small time dealer. No dealer that's worth anything to police is selling directly to users, especially not individual dealers.

    The Police are not going to go through a process just to obtain texts from a random person so they can bust some random dealer selling small weight to users.
    DA's don't encourage the police to do things like that, because they don't want a larger caseload unless it's something that makes them look better.

    So In short, You're wrong..
    Send texts to your dealer if you want.You're not going to get implicated in anything, because the cops don't give a damn about some kid that's buying weed from his small time dealer

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