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Text Messege ARRESTED

Discussion in 'General' started by bcustom28k, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. actually the companies themselves don't have access to your txt messages. My friend and I spoke with some Tmobile reps a couple years ago because he was afraid that his parents would start tracking his txt messages. The guys we spoke with said that they wouldn't even be able to see what he sent through txts, they have no record of that, so what would happen is that the po would have to get a warrant and start trackin your phone, and thats VERY unlikely they won't do that unless you deal with extreme weight since its their time and money and they won't deal with it unless its big. and the patriot act is federal, i am not 100% but i don't believe that it includes local cops on the rights to tap your phone nd whatnot.

    but how ppl do get arrested is say when you get pulled over and they search you under reasonable suspicion, they can and WILL look through your phone and if there's mention of weed in there like sales and locations then you're fucked. happened to friends of mine (multiple friends) when they got pulled over the cops searched the phone each time.

  2. Wrong!

    $5 on Ebay and you can recover most Text messages sent from a phone.
  3. I can't speak to TMobile but I've done IT consulting for a couple of the major Telecom companies and I know for a fact that SMS messages get stored on servers for a period of time and can be retrieved if LEO's show up with a subpoena.
  4. My phone service is pay-as-you go and chill as fuck. I doubt they even keep track of TXT's.

    Think of how many people use a phone service.
  5. Ya I'm sure the TMobile reps know all about the secret underworkings of thier company.

    Seriously I bet all the AT&T reps were spewing the same bullshit until CNN had a special about "The Box."

    For instance, I worked at a bar that had rabbit on the menus. People would ask where it came from, I would give the supplier name(Where I thought it was actualy coming from)

    Two weeks after that I found all the cage traps outside the back of the bar...... Just because someone tells you something doesn't mean it's true. (Basicly the rabbit meat came from "The Streets".)
  6. yea i tried to do the whole code thing but that doesn't last very long. my dude had a thing, when you called and said whats up, he would either say "playin games" or "watchin Tv". Playing games ment it was good to stop by and watchin tv ment to try again later. i really liked that system, but it ended up fading away after a while.
  7. haha rabbit man i guess they lied shit srry for wrong info.
    but i kno that you should delete shit from your phone if you get pulled over just in case cause they will fuck you that way
  8. I like some of the codes people are using here.

    I had a code with a guy who lived a couple blocks away. He had a house phone but his girl would pick up and straight up tell people he wasn't there when he was.

    So he just started leaving his 2nd floor window lit up when he had bud. I'd get home from work, look up for the light, and then procede to just walk inside.

    He forgot he had the light on one day and I almost got shot.:rolleyes:

    So we stopped using that system.
  9. yeah man.

    "just got some new headphones (headies...duh.)"

    thats my dudes usual text message. haha.

  10. Some people are just plain stupid and there's nothing you can do about it, I stopped dealing with this one kid and his group of friends because he pulled the last straw when I let him swing by my house once and specifically said over the phone "pull in my driveway turn your car off and come inside" and when he shows up the car is parked on the LEFT HAND side of the road (illegal) in front of my house, and the kid walks up my driveway while getting out his wallet.

    Never seen them again.


  11. No offense man but that perspective is just plain naive...
  12. too true.
  13. lol, pay as you go companies are just virtual providers of larger companies.

    If you are using Virgin Mobile it's just an MVNO of Sprint. If you're using Tracfone, it uses Sprint, at&t, T-Mobile.

    All of the companies store everything going through their network, it's regulated by the government.
  14. So True. :devious:
  15. I text but it usually goes like:

    "I'm looking for some organic salad greens, how much are 3 1/2 slices?"

    They get the hint
  16. anyone not thinking that the cops can and will search your phone is just being naive. and as far as codes go they can work but don't make them to obvious. i used to work as a pizza delivery boy so i would make people text and ask for pizza if they wanted anything. My buddy worked at hiland roberts ice cream so i would text him if he had any ice cream left. when i worked at the mall it was hats and t-shirts i'd text. basically what i'm saying is try to make the code something legit. as far as the stupid people out there that don't understand code they ruin it for the rest of us and i don't see why people would fuck around with them. if you can't understand something as simple as a size 20 t-shirt or half a gallon of ice cream then you've burned enough brain cells and shouldn't be chiefin anyways. i know i'm not risking my livlyhood so some dumb ass kid can catch a buzz.
    Also most phones now a days have locks on them so you have to enter a password to open certain apps or the phone in general. you lock you door you should lock your phone to
  17. I think tt is completely possible. However, they were probably onto him already, as a warrant is required for getting that kind of info from a cell phone service provider.
  18. If any of you guys have T Mobile, they definitely save your texts. Occasionally my SideKick will fuck up and shut down, and when it boots back up, Ill have like 600 texts in my inbox and they'll be random ass ones dating back to Feb and March of last year
  19. This thread is out of control. Here's what we have determined:

    1. Your phone company probably logs your texts.
    2. The cops can't retrieve them without a subpoena.
    3. Cops can search your phone if you are arrested.
    4. You shouldn't text your dealer/ friends about weed.
    5. Pay-as-u-go is not a safe alternative.

    Now can everyone quit arguing like a bunch of bitches? One love...........
  20. if they REALLY wanted to get someone easily, instead of even going threw texts and all that, they could just go on to, say.... this site, find someone who posts about getting a pick up, trace your IP address and nail you that way. esp for ppl who post video's and pics of them smoking.

    but thats a long shot they would ever try that unless you give them a reason to monitor you for any suspicion. dont sweat it, relax and enjoy your herb in peace:smoking:

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