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Discussion in 'General' started by Anony, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Great, I am guessing someone whom I dont like signed me up for text messaging spam.

    Just received this message.

    Message from:

    Message Says:
    Someone sent you a special message :) Visit www.okaytext.com

    End of message.

    Great, wonder how bad this shits gonna get.
    A family member already has a company changing numbers calling me for him, this is starting to become very annoying.
  2. I'm getting spam messages too! I might have to get new number.
  3. Word, and you know what sucks? You cant get a new number. Youll get some number someone else gave up for the same damn reason.
  4. I'll get one in a great while...there always from people's e mails. but the last time i got one one of my roomates got one like 3 min before it and i was freaked out for a second being absolutly faded and all haha
  5. Gay-night,com oi oi :ey:is there something your not telling us anony?

    no i joke! That shits annoying man.
  6. If they're emails you may be able to have them stop emails but allow txts. I've seen where the email address for the phone (<phone number>@<cellphonecompany.com>) ends up on spam lists.
  7. I got that same fucking shit from "kristi"

    I saw it this morning and was confused as shit..
  8. Very funny ;)

    Yea, cant believe im getting spam on my phone.
  9. You aint alone my man
  10. Am I the only one that knows this? All you have to do to make them stop, is, text them "stop".
  11. Next time you get an unwanted spam text message reply to it with the word -


    Anony is banned? :O
  12. Yeah man, it seemed like somebody hacked his account last year, was posting a bunch of bullshit, and the mods just said for him to let them know if he still wanted his account after all that. I guess he didn't :(

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