Text message of Doom

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  1. I read an article today that obama wants to be able to send everyone a text message when the threat level is high.

    I think this will make things worse cuz when people get the message they are just gonna go buck wild in the streeets
  2. id text him back "dont worry man, hit this blunt with me"
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    That's the biggest scare tactic I have ever heard.

    "Hey guise... Just Barack here letting you know that Al Queda is gonna kill some mutha fuckas today. kthxbai!"
  4. This. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueTfihcVJlI]YouTube - Ron White on the "Color Coded Awareness System"[/ame]
  5. Thanks OBAMER!
  6. I could see it honestly but it will cause a wide spread panic if it happens. Our government is all about wide spread panic though, its what there best at.
  7. People are definately going to prank each other pretending to be Obama.
  8. I hope he pays for that .10 cent text to everyone he sends it to.
  9. obama is such an idiot.

  10. Why won't you vote?
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    That is the most ******* retarded thing you can do, I'm glad I don't have any sort of phone, I can see it now (Chaos and panic in major City's, Sopping districts etc.) All over the news,CNN and all that jazz).

    People out of nowhere going OMG!

    I guess me and the (A)ngel (K)ing 47 will be ready at all times.:)

    Seriously I shot one, (Freakin Awesome, I shit you not)

  12. Don't vote. Don't wish. Don't pray.
  13. Citation Needed

    From what I heard from local news was about if there was a tornado, there would be a text message that would alert you of the warning and tell you to get to a safe place.

  14. Cuz i really dont care whos president. He doesnt even run things. His advisors do
  15. He can send me a txt.. I'd fwd him some porn :D
  16. He just mad because Justin Bieber has more followers on twitter.
  17. ..........:eek:

    not even going to touch this subject, but you are sooooo wrong.

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