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  1. My piece from five years ago broke and want to get it replaced but that is a uniqueness to my piece.  There is a New York Jets Logo and text on the piece.  Now I have called many places to see if they can do this, and none really know what I am talking about.  What you see in these pictures are not stickers.  They are like sculptured on to the piece or something.  I sent pictures and one guy sand it could possibly be sandblasting but I do not believe that is what it is.  If anyone can help me out on how the person who made this piece got those things on it would be greatly appreciative.  I cannot find out from the person who made it because that shop closed down and it was an independent glass blower who put it together. 
    (that illadelph thing in the back is a sticker, this is not an illadelph piece.)  


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  2. Some other pictures.

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  3. They are kiln fired / bake on glass decals.

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