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  1. Tonight, I was thinking about going with my girl, and a friend, to meet up with my friends friend (well call him Bill for purposes of making convo easier to read.)

    Now, I don't know Bob too well, I have only met him once, and he's a big fucking guy, easier 300+ maybe 400 pounds, so he could just eat or sit on me. We've been arguing, my friend has also been involved in the arguments, while my girlfriend made her thoughts/feelings on the situation only to me, privately.

    It crossed my mind, what if I got robbed. Then I started thinking about 911.

    If I was in a car, and Bob was robbing me, at gun or knife point, I couldn't just call 911. I have GPS enabled on my phone (kinda stupid, kinda smart - depends on how life goes). So as long as the phone is on, it will send location to Emergency services, but that could take a while.

    Alot of people can text without looking at their phone, even going through all the menu's. I think that emergency services should have a text 911.

    I know this could be bad for people phoning in fake 911 texts, for whatever reason, but maybe a GPS location along with the text will go out. Kids these days all have phones, in like the 2nd grade, so we could teach text911 along with call 911.

    So if my friend, girl, me, can stall while one, or all 3 of us are texting 911 without being noticed, hand in pocket - then we could get the cops to oome without anyone knowing. And if I'm being robbed at gunpoint and a cop pulls up, I'm either getting shot, or he's going to play it cool and think we'll just act cool.

    Just my thoughts
  2. this is making little to no sense in my mind.

    wh....? :confused:
  3. i don't think txt messages can be triangulated though. My understanding is that with cellphones they use the active waves or whatever from your phone bouncing off of towers to figure out where you are. text messages don't send out an ongoing signal or waves or whatever, right?
  4. Is Bob and Bill the same person, because you never mentioned bill again? What about just calling 911 in your pocket and keeping the call going so they can here what is going on, because if you were getting robbed it would be kinda hard to text ya dig? But i guess if you were with multiple people it could work, except idk if they would receive it...or find your actual location, cuz the gps tech on most phones only goes as far as the closet cell tower.
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    All newer cellphones can be tracked when they call 911, if you mess around with your phone settings you'll find it. Not sure about texting, though..
  6. the second amendment is there just so if bob pulls some shit you have his fat ass leakin bacon grease
  7. They actually were considering a text 911 in some area's, the only problem is it's like a 7 digit number and not just 911
  8. Man if your scared your going to get robbed then don't even be in a situation to get robbed. Also don't talk shit to someone who can man handle you. Your acting like a pussy though by wanting a text 911 because your scared.

  9. How would the OP know beforehand that he was going to get into an argument with this fellow and be in jeopardy of being robbed? Who said the OP was trashtalking Bob/Bill? So anyone who is fearful of being robbed is a "pussy"? Are you suggesting only "pussies" use 911?
  10. Just get a license to carry a concealed. And no weed when your carrying, no drugs. My uncle carry's and living in Detroit, I will too. One day.
  11. why don't you just dial 911 and talk loudly? that's what i'd do.
  12. If your getting robbed at gunpoint, weather in a car or face to face, You think the cops are going to arrive before he breaks your cell phone and stabs your punk ass? Why not just give up your shit, call the cops afterwards, and Not Die?
  13. I think this is a good idea, maybe not for your specific situation, but a good idea in general. I mean that way if you were a hostage or in some sort of long term situation you could txt 911 like "im a hostage at 123 main st, three men with guns" rather than just calling 911 in your pocket and the authorities not knowing what was going on.
  14. This, exactly. I am also looking forward to doing so, as soon as I'm 21.
  15. It would be cool to text, but umm you can jsut call and not really talk on the phone and the police would be dispatched to that location if you stay on the line long enough for them to trace you..better than texting and getting caught if the person sees you...
  16. no hate to OP but ur fucking out of ur mind hahahhaah
  17. I never suggested pussys use 911 but he could of avoided this whole situation if he never started talking crap. I just think this thread is pointless.
  18. What would Big Country Bob think you are doing texting from your pocket, playing with your dick?
  19. "Can you please stop masturbating while I'm robbing you, it's really awkward."
  20. Why don't you be a man and take care of yourself? Don't rely on someone (911) to save your ass, do it yourself.

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