Texas under water...

Discussion in 'General' started by jman42028, Aug 28, 2017.

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  1. I'm in SoTx, but originally from Houston. It's rough man. Rockport got leveled mostly, Houston is flooding and they are doing controlled releases of the reservoirs to relieve pressure off the dams. Corpus has mostly wind damage, but some flooding and power outages across the 3rd Coast.

    We'll jus do what we always do, and that's rebuild and grow.

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  2. My guess is the ghost of Osama bin Laden. He pulled himself away from his 72 virgin orgy fest to flood the homeland of Little Bush and the American oil oligarchs. lalalalalalalalalalalal!!!!!!
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  3. stay strong and stay safe dude for real!!
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  4. There's a blade I know who lives in Houston. I hope she's safe. I reached out to her and haven't gotten a response yet.
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  5. My neighbors daughter just moved to Huston 2 weeks ago
    Not sure if he has heard from her yet
  6. hope they are all safe! The images and video is just incredible.
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    I'm in Austin and it hasn't really been hit. Just a big storm. Parts of Houston are practically underwater, it's fucked and these people need help. The slightest thing can save lives. Even if it's just sending a 3$ case of water bottles down there or a shoe box filled with canned food.

    Edit: and so many people are like "oh how will trump save them, trump needs to help" as if he's gonna fly in with a giant bucket and hose and suck all the water out himself. How bout you ask yourself what YOU can do. Instead of sitting around watching, criticizing him for not doing enough. Those people most likely didn't do shit to help. And the body count rises. (Disclaimer that shouldn't be needed: not a trump supporter)
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  8. That looks to be 25-30 ft
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  9. Donno why this is a political topic..

    But it's a very sad situation.. People getting water in their attics, street signs under water.

    Crazy shit.

    Good time for folks to get together and send a few bucks to the red cross, or some worthy charity.
    Folks need help big time.
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  10. My work sent a dozen people and two ambulances to help out with relief. I wish I would've been able to do that.
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  11. Yeah that's cool, I'm lazy so I sent dough to the red cross.
    Douche bags selling cases of water for like 90 bucks down there. Always an asshole or 2 taking advantage of others.
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  12. No doubt. There's always someone around to take advantage of those who are in need and have no other options.
  13. It wasn't meant to derail. I assumed as it was posted in the politics section that you wanted to engage in some sort of discussion.

    Anyway, it looks bad. Hopefully Trump will help these people out.
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  14. yeah politics...presidents reaction to the actions, ect. He has been praised by all involved so far. If you want to talk about climate change shit then go resurrect one of the 13,000 threads about it.
  15. I hear you. I'll exit your catastrophe thread in the politics section.

    Hope people come out of this ok, we had something similar a few years ago here. People lost everything.

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