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  1. How's it goin? I'm new to the forums.
    It's nice to see I'm not the only one who is weed crazy. :smoking:

  2. Whats up, bro? I'm also new here. I live in Mississippi. How are the marijuana laws in Texas? 
  3. It's shit man. Texas is a strong republican state, so I can see us being one of the last states for it to be legalized. Even for medicinal uses.
  4. What's up, I grew up in Texas. CP
  5. Well, hows the social environment for Marijuana? In Mississippi it is decriminalized but there are a lot of people that still believe the marijuana myths and speak against it. 
  6. Bad ass, I love it here.
  7. Seems like a good majority of people are pot friendly. Just not if it involves their kid, ya know what I mean? lol
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    Well, I lived in Williamson County(Texas) about a year and a half ago and not only were they crooked as fuck but they would take you to jail over a tiny bit of weed. There is weed all over the place and lots of people smoke but as far as it being decriminalized....not even close in the County I lived in.
    Edit: They didn't always take you to jail for a little bit of weed but if got the right one or pissed them off they would. The county next to us(Travis County) said they wouldn't take people to jail for a small amount and Williamson County basically said they weren't doing that(not taking people to jail.) I never got busted but I knew a few that did.
  9. Cops are dicks when it comes to anything drug related in Texas.
  10. West Houston what?!? yea Texas drug laws are some of the worst in the country. things are changing though. give it 10-15 more years and all the very old politicians with their old ways will either retire or die out, making room for more progressive thinking politicians. YAY forward thinking!!!

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