Texas Toker here!

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  1. What's up everyone, I guess I'm the newest resident of this fine forum.

    *click* *crackle* *puff puff*

    Anyone want backdoor? :p
  2. welcome to GC! as for the poll? i see no reason to exceed 5 but I can hold it in for a good while longer.
  3. Thanks! And if you hold a hit long enough and exhale no smoke will come out. 'Ghosting' a hit. 'Sides holding it for a healthy enough time span seems to strengthen my high, might just be oxygen deprivation. But I've never passed out from holding a hit, I usually wait 10-12 seconds if it's a really good hit before I exhale.
  4. oxygen deprivation seems to be the general idea. course i can get weed often eough that i don't need to put my lungs at as much of a risk.
  5. Im new here too and from Texas as well, what part do you reside in?

    Pass the green!! hehe *puff puff*
  6. I'm from the Kemp area in East Texas.

    Hookups are looking pretty grim over here, got a few that are awesome guys but they sell shitty quality in good quantity. I don't mind the trade off so long as I get high and if its a generous amount but damn if I don't crave the taste of a good kush at the end of every shitty bowl.

    60 an 8th for Orange Kush (Or Grapefruit Kush depending on what he's growing at the time)
    45 an oz for Schwag
    25 a 1/4 for Popcorn

    Those are my top hooks, if those three are out then I have to settle for alot of cheap nasty.
  7. should try north Tx. we're doing fairly decent however it seems we'll have a streak of time every once in a while where everyone claims the strain of weed they have is "Dro" so you have to get past the idiots and find the good dealers, which there are.
  8. Meh, you have your entrepreneurs and you have your dealers. The business is like any other, you have to have stock, knowledge of the stock and clients that will buy the stock. Take away any of that...and they are nothing.

    But yea, what I've learned from around here is that people don't really care what strain of weed it is. Three names you'll always hear are Reggie, Popcorn, Dro. And I've noticed really, it's just a common way of talking grades down here. Turns out Popcorn isn't a term used all that much than anywhere else but Texas, which from the low profile dealers around here is nothing but weed that was grown hydroponically but didn't mature right. (Could be wrong. Misinformation is not my fault.) I've been smoking for about 4 years and never really got interested in the actual business until recently. I'm trying to cram any information I can get into my tiny head without looking alot like a transient toker.

    I'm middle manning like a mother fucker, which gets me cuts and fronts here and there but nothing to brag about. But I'm really interested in actually going part-time into dealing.

    Any advice?
  9. advice. hmm. not everyone cares about the strain, but knowing your stuff can help. usually when I hear someone say popcorn, I think mids because from my experience, that's what it is. fire means really good weed, but many people just call it dro (dro is hydroponic). if you're buying a lot, you should get to try it. even if you aren't you should get to look at it and smell it. good weed has a nice green color that can vary and may have little hairs. you might also see a very small amount of white/milky/amber stuff that might look like tiny crystals. those are trichomes and trichomes equal goodiness. I really don't know what kind of advice to give except be careful, don't tell too many people, and remember you have the weed so you shouldn't have to walk across town to sell. but yeah. no real clue of advice so I'm just rambling now.:D
  10. Haha! Well thanks for the basics! I knew all that stuff, but as for growing and pricing, I'm a bit new and ignorant. Got spoiled down here and never knew what an 1/8 was until maybe a few months ago. Sad I know. When I started smoking it was always 'dime' 'dub' and so on. Not actual measurements. So the first few years I wouldn't be surprized if I got ripped off, but I sure as hell watch the shit now.
  11. haha. know exactly what you mean. took me forever to figure out prices and measurements. I usually try to sell slightly cheaper than others though so I can sell it easier. As for growing, I could talk to you about that but there's a lot to it. there's also a set of forums for that so read up and you could learn a lot. course experience is handy too.
  12. Yeah, I thumbed across a few threads and there is plenty of great material and guides to use.

    Haha, seems to me that I'm right at home here. xD And to give me a bit of reason to come back regularly, I'm trying to get a gamer clan going for this site. 'Grass City Gamers' (GCG). Alot of gamers are smokers anyway, figured we could represent the site and have fun doing it. Thinking of putting the link to the group in my siggy.
  13. hell yeah man. I'll join that right after this post. I love games both sober and high so might as well. right now I'm playing legend of zelda majora's mask. so crazy when you're overbaked!;)
  14. HA! Alright, I should have the group totally up and running by friday. So just keep an eye on it.
  15. Heyy im new here too frm San antonino :]

  16. Me too :D
  17. cool i live in the south east side:wave:
  18. Wassssupp sa town .... I used to live there for 6 months i stayed in da military & 5 palms area
  19. I lived down towards SA for a while too. Now I'm kind of all over the place, mostly west texas.
  20. That sucks.

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