"Texas" that's where i stay!

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  1. Well let me make this introduction of myself a brief but interesting one. First of all i am a Hispanic male who loves to smoke pot in any grade it comes in. Don't get me wrong i DO NOT FUCK WITH BROWN-WHITE SEEDED-SCHWAG! I'd Rather smoke Stinky Green Mids or Frosty Delicous Dank. I live in Houston, Texas' North Side but i was born on Corpus Christi's West Side. I don't smoke cancer sticks, crack, water, or meth only Sweet Ganja From Mother Earth. I jam alot of Dj Screw's tapes, Swishahouse Tapes, Old Skool Texas G- Funk, and every Houston Based Artist from the 00's and below. I would like to say that it's a pleasure to be part of such a throwed website and i plan to show my fellow bud smokers from all over the world how we get down in Good Ol' Texas real soon!

    Shoutouts to my fellow Texas Smokers from H-Town, A- Town, G-Town, Corpitos, Brown-Town, BCS, D-Town, Funky Town, Agg-Town, El Paso, Amarillo, Tha Valley, Lubbock, Laredo, McCallen, S-A Town, Odessa, and the rest of the Great Cities That Occupy Texas!

    Watsup to those Grasscity Tokers from the states mane... smoke some California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, New York, Kansas, Utah, New Jersey, and The Other 38 States that i was to stoned to remember!
  2. Hi greetings.
  3. texas raised, texas made!

    Btw if you fucks with tupac and dj screw this is some ill shit

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpbiPbHOG_4]DJ Screw-Fuck The World 1995 (Side A) - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Damn last night I was in a bigger state than Texas.
  5. :wave: I stay in the southbay of california and i got nuthin but luv for your states music especially z-ro,pimp c, and devin the dude!:love: and i've heard texas hos are slow loud and bangin out there:p

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ySj4ycA1gM]13 Z-Ro - Slow Loud and Bangin (www.nationofhiphop.net) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. uhhh wat?
  7. Are you so high off your so called "DANK" weed that you know find yourself bored
    with no friends or nothing else to do so you decide to try to talk down on someone?
    Go tell a O.G from around your way "Fuck Whatever they Claim"-SMH- nevermind
    Grass City Internet Gangsta! You don't got the HEART or COURAGE to do so. Either
    way, if it's FUCK Texas then it is FUCK you too Buddie Boy...im enjoying my skunky-
    herb-smoke either way! SO PLEASE, Smoke a "DANK" one for me to that..and leave
    me the fuck alone..:wave:

    Basically Sherm, Wet, Slaughter, Embalming Fluid and "Flomaldrahyde" however it is spelled! I think People across the Nation know it better as "PCP". Dip a Joint or a Cigarette..It's very bad stuff but local people around here do enjoy smoking it!
  8. Wuts Good Killa Cali! The feelings are mutual..i listen to alot of bay area rappers
    and alot of old school South and Central California music that helped pioneer the
    gangsta rap era! But UGK and Devin are major Nationwide names (Z-ro really isn't).
    If you wanna know some more underground Texas music let me know and i'll show
    you around. Finally, The Females are undescribeable..Some Thin, Some Thick, Waist's
    that are fucking amazing, and ASSETS that will blow a young cat away, Trust me.
    How the Women looking out there in Cali?
  9. :D the women around here are as nice
    and diverse as the herb selection!
    But I still need to watch out for
    those shwag ass pretendo hoes that only look fine:mad:
  10. wassup dude.:wave: that old school cali and texas music is da shit.

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