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Texas Reg

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by brainsmoke, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. #1 brainsmoke, Dec 29, 2012
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    Picked up 8 pounds of this on Friday for $180/lbs.


    Looks good, smokes OK, doesn't have the best smell but it's acceptable, good potency, plenty of trichomes.

    Does anybody in South Texas have experience buying bulk? If so how do these prices stack up?

    I had a guy tell me he got a pound of some other stuff that looked better than mine for $190 and I don't know whether to believe him.
    A different guy was shown a sample of my stuff because he was looking to buy a pound and said he got better for cheaper (the price I gave him was $230).
  2. 8 p's? i thought i picked up big haha, nice bud :smoke:
  3. Thanks, funny thing is my guy wanted me to take more.
  4. Where's the 8 p's? Too paranoid?
  5. Pic of the 8 pounds
  6. That is the 8 p's super dense nugs
  7. Can sell that for 25-35 a quarter round here since merch is pretty much extinct
  8. Not at all:

    I already got rid of 2.

  9. Not dank but at 180 per pound id have to get it man, you just cant find bulk for that price around here. And for not being dank it doesnt look all that bad. I bet you could make some great edibles with that man. :D
  10. And i could easily sell all that for over 10k here man shits ridiculous.
  11. Yeah I'm saving all the shake for personal cuisine purposes.

    And I have been feeling tempted to take a few elbows up north, but don't know whether to take a bus or somehow mail it.
  12. Where do you live?
  13. Michigan
  14. #14 habitual addict, Dec 29, 2012
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    sell it 6gs for 10 and 11 for 20 and ull make a killer im also in south texas i get pounds for 350-450 and make at least 800 off 1 so that means youll be making like triple your profit if your getting them for 180 and weigh them like that u must be more closer to the border than me though
  15. This might make you feel good.
    In Ireland we pay around €230-€300 a ounce for regs(commerical)
  16. Very nice pick up, man. I see either quite a profit or a good deal of qwiso. :smoking:
  17. #17 brainsmoke, Dec 29, 2012
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    By the way, it all came in a single giant block, I had to buy a cheap scale and gallon ziplocks to separate it by the pound. It was actually 8 pounds and a QP, my guy only expects me to pay him back the price of 8 at the stated rate.

    I've been letting ounces go for $15. :D

    Yeah I am extremely close, people around here are spoiled, dimes are ~8-10g on average.

    I feel compelled to do something about it, that's obscene :mad:
  18. Holy shit! You can easily make 10x your investment if you got rid of ounces for $100. It doesn't look that bad for regs... Nice! :hello:
  19. lol, no one would pay that around here.
    An ounce of reggie goes for $25.
    So tempting to go north with this.. I got college bills to pay!
  20. oh and believe me its not just me being screwed over :p Feel free to come over and make it cheaper! Its 3.5G/€50 commerical. 2G/€50 high grade your amnesia, white widow, lemon haze is what goes around. But your ounces are €230-300 regs / €500-600 high grade.
    And yes I'm serious.

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