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Texas Medical Marijuana....

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Olemiss140, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. I live in Texas and I was wondering if medical marijuana was gonna be legal anytime soon? Like have they proposed it or anything? Anybody know anything at all?
  2. Same man same.
    But what do YOU think about it happening here?
  3. Bro, I'm in Garland, a suburb of Dallas.

    To be honest man, this son of a bitch state is much too conservative to pass even a medical law (I hope I'm wrong) where I live cops make it a point to bust people with marijuana :(
  4. I'm not too far from Garland, myself.. about 40 minutes. Are ya'll aware of Ron Paul's stance on MJ in TX?? You might wan to visit his web page and support him. I was very impressed considering he's a physician that he would support legalization...

    I'm ready to move to the Emerald Triangle!

    Toasted Kat - who's very new to the list. :):wave:
  5. nope. there are 13 states it is legal and 14 are in the process of voting. texas not included
  6. You guys need to get involved with your local chapter of NORML, or contact MPP or ASA, time to get off your duff and work for MMJ in your state.
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    Marc Katz pushes for legalization of medical marijuana in Texas - Marc Katz for Lieutenant Governor of Texas Political Campaign

    Finally some news about Texas...
  8. If Texas went med mj that could change the whole MJ debate in the south. That would be very nice.

    All the best!
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    I doubt any change will happen soon in Texas but we need to decriminalize possession and legalize medical marijuana.
    The laws haven't changed here in a long time. We still have a system based on a tax-stamp.
  10. Awesome , the sooner the world accepts it's medical value the sooner it can be fully legalized

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