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  1. This is a repost from the medical marijuana section, thought it would be appropriate here as well. House Bill 164 states that it would allow an affirmative defense to any person who uses cannabis, pursuant to the written or oral recommendation of a physcician licensed to practice medicine in Texas. Secondly, it states that no agency may initiate an administrative, civil or criminal investigation into a physcician licensed to practice medicine in Texas on the ground that the doctor discussed cannabis as a treatment or made a written or oral statement that, in the physicians opinion, that the use of potential benefits cannabis would likely outweigh the health risk for that particular patient. Furthermore, it provides protection to the physician against disciplinary action or having any right or privilege denied based solely on the recommendation of marijuana to a patient.

    Do what you can to help get House Bill 164 for Session 81 passed in Texas!

    To view the text of HB164 go here:


    To view the status of HB164 go here:


    If you want to help out and do your part please contact our Texas representatives by sending emails, faxes, or phone calls supporting this bill:

  2. I will try to hand out flyers on campus
  3. As much as I love this state, having never even been out of it my whole life (and I'm pushing 40!:eek:), Texas will be the LAST state imo to ease pot laws. Too many republican southern baptist "good ol' boys" that rail against anything they don't understand. Having said that, I will still be emailing my local representatives and I implore my fellow texans to do the same. This state's cannabis laws are borderline barbaric. I speak from experience unfortunately.
  4. it might work but i dont have my hopes up.

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