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  1. Im from the lone star state. i love that trippy shit. not reggie, but dro. im into the psychedelic stuff and i love drugs that open my mind. i love hearing what ppl have to say when they are high. i dont care who you are, what you do, what you think, if you're about peace n love, im your girl. i love everyone and i wish everyone would just shut up, smoke a j, and feel the love:hello: smoking weed isnt just a lifestyle, but a philosophy. we are all connected and theres somethin about being high that makes you wiser. it brings you into another dimension in which we are all connected and we can all feel eachother. Its so personal and crazy! im glad i could go there, so come with me. :)
  2. dallas is where its at. i smoked some dro last night and got sooo high
  3. lol i live in dallas
  4. marry me.
  5. Lol welcome, but let me be the first to tell you just because it's labeled dro.....it doesn't mean shit. I've had regular bud way better than some dro I've got.
  6. really? they dont have reggie like that where im from but thats whats up
  7. dro just means its hyrDROponic. but i bet you a ton of ppl just call it dro just cause.

    but anywho. my dude i used to play jr hockey with lived in texas before he came up to play and he said that he used to get bud that was red and it was the size of strawberries. makes me curious :)
  8. i know the dude who grew it. little bit of that sticky icky
  9. WHATTT lmao thats ridiculous
  10. well hell yeah then. i cant wait til my shits done man. nothin like some homegrown, that way YOU know where its been and everything
    haha yeah i know i always told him to get me some, fucker never did. actually now that i think about it ima hit his ass up
  11. lemme kno how that goes! haha
  12. i dont think he lives there anymore though so :( my sister was born in dallas :) ive never been there before though
  13. l love texas but dallas sucks. austin is cool as hell though
  14. ohio is perfect in the summer time. except the weather is unpredictable. can be sunny and 70 one day in the winter fuckin snow the next then pretty much up until june you never know what its gonna be like
  15. Anyone live up in Austin looking for people to smoke with

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