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Texas going for decriminalization?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Lyric, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Gods Bless Texas! I hope they get this done asap ! we need Hemp & cannabis farmed on epic proportions bring this economy out of the crapper ! release all the people in prison on cannabis charges ! take the power from cartels stop the madness! :metal:  :gc_rocks:  
  2. pretty neat video but it's fairly redundant with what everyone other article writes
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    I believe hb 184 either passed or most likely will. its by no means much of a step, maybe a baby step, cuz it only protects those 18-21 I think. just saves them from arrest and having possession marked on their record, plus a 5-600$ fine. it was originally for everyone, but the council said some bs so they had to rewrite it.
    unfortunately dems have almost no power here, though we are turning purple as opposed to staying red, so a few years perhaps we'll have it unless the feds stop being assholes
  4. Ta-Daaa,,,,if this turns Texas from a red state to a blue state will that be message enough?
  5. they are arresting people for very small amounts down here on the southernmost tip o texas. to decrim would cost too many jobs because our pd's down here are too poorly qualified to work in other fields in the real world. 
  6. We will see if any seats are lost because of the Dem's support for ending the war on marijuana next year and we can help stir the pot,,so to speak. I have an entrenched anti pot rep in my district that I will get to ask questions when he speaks in Vernon and again in Wichita Falls but this year,because of the dems he won't be able to laugh off our questions,,especially stressing that 84% of Americans support mmj use. Let's see them explain to their supporters how they know better than them what is good for them.
  7. I've actually got pretty good reps up to the state level, excluding state senator, he's a piece of shit. or atleast he's kind of a piece of shit, only good I see that he's done is state sovereignty bill. pro-lifer who claims to be small govt but back an eminent domain bill, its disgusting. and our US reps are no better
  8. While a lot of people rail on Republicans as the evil empire keeping it illegal, keep in mind that many Republicans are really more Libertarian than Republican.  I know I am.  And if you aren't familiar with the Libertarian party, they are for smaller governement. This means less regulation and people are free to make their own choices.

    Fun quiz on the front page.  See where you rate.
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    I am afraid that the Republican party has shown very little tendency in reducing the size of government in the last three decades and they jump onboard creating a new bureaucracy every six months it seems,,so smaller government would be a good platform to run on but like drug law reform,,when the legislator reaches his seat the old members in the congress shows them where the money is and all those promises to shrink government or end the war on marijuana runs out of their head like water in a bowl.
    Or mainstream  media makes them look like they are trying to kill the children.
  10. HB184 passed the house it just needs to be signed by the Governor or has to go through a last step hurdle through the senate not sure but it'll still be a couple months before it goes into law.
    Like stated above, it will only offer protection to those who have no been convicted of crimes other than possession, and if you are 18-21 years of age. This bill isn't mean to decriminalize weed in the sense we're hoping for, it will only give a lot of young people a second chance at not having a criminal record. Possession of less than an ounce would be a Class C Misdemeanor but repeat offenses could be punishable by jail time.
    It's not much but it's a step in the right direction and we will probably see more to come.
    And Texas will ALWAYS be red what is this nonsense you guys are speaking of ;P
  11. have yall forgot that Texas has no income tax. they don't need to legalize pot to boost the economy. and as mentioned above they will bust you for almost nothing. I had my car searched for an hour during a routine traffic stop because some podunk popo saw my papers in my center console when I went to get my insurance card. they called the k9 unit and didn't find anything cause I didn't have any but they made sure I was miserable for it.

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