texas diesel [no pics =( ]

Discussion in 'General' started by racoonsuit, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. so yesterday i met up with an old friend from german class. he was telling me about this dank he had just picked up called texas diesel. it's a cross-strain of texas two-hit and sour diesel. i picked up an eighth, went back to the apt. and watched the opening ceremonies with some friends. smoked a few bowls, had a few shiner's, then went and watched pineapple express. fuck, it was funny.

    anyway, just wanted to say that this is the best pot i've smoked in a while. i've never had texas two-hit before, but sour diesel always puts me on my ass, and this strain is a very uplifting energetic high. last night all of my stoned friends and i were talkin up a storm, it was almost like we had all done a line or some shit.

    i just smoked the last of it, and i'm watchin James and Bryant show Yao Ming what's up. 64-52 so far. get on NBC and support team USA!!!

    whoa, i'm blown

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