Texas cops can't get rid of 200,000lbs of marijuana

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  1. The Brooks County Sheriff's Department has a marijuana problem. They've got 200,000 pounds of pot, and they're complaining that it would be too expensive to destroy it.

    "This is a problem that doesn't seem to be going away and anything we can get to help us to dispose of these cases once they're done and to get ready for the next one that are coming in would be a great help," said Deputy Daniel Davila.

    Something tells me Toke of the Town readers could be of great assistance to the deputy. After all, at a trying time like this, we all have to pitch in, people!

    All of the confiscated cannabis comes from drug cases over the past decade, reports Manuel De La Rosa at KIII-TV. And for now, all that unwanted weed sits in some storage trailers, awaiting an uncertain fate.

    The marijuana dates back as far as 2000. According to authorities, the previous sheriff either didn't keep good records, or didn't get destruction orders from judges.

    It's a priority for the current sheriff to get rid of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of pot. Deputies destroyed some of the bundles of bud with two visits to the Department of Public Safety incinerator in McAllen, Texas last year, but it cost them nearly $30,000.

    The problem seems to be unwrapping the plastic off the marijuana, commonly used by Mexican drug smugglers, and Brooks County just doesn't have the manpower to do that. The county has a small sheriff's department, with only seven patrol officers and one criminal investigator.

    "(It's) very time consuming," Deputy Davila said. "Probably for preparation to get it ready a week or more, whatever trailers we are going to use to transport it up there, and it would take several officers especially to remove the plastic from the contraband."

    Just for the past 16 months, Brooks County has started keeping more marijuana seized from cases under Sheriff Rey Rodriguez. Already, they've filled two trailers with pot.

    The problem is, the dank deluge continues; the cannabis cases keep coming in, and the weed just stacks up higher and higher.

    The only place deputies can currently destroy the pot is at the DPS Lab in McAllen, but plans are afoot to pool resources in the Coastal Bend to destroy the weed locally.

    County officials believe that would be less costly and might solve their marijuana storage problems.
  2. holy shit 200,000 lbs? What a damn shame such a waste, wonder how they decide to get rid of it:rolleyes:
  3. wish i could be working the job to get rid of that bud....:smoking:
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydv6j9CrPGo]YouTube - Sanford and Son - Growing Marijuana[/ame]

    this lol
  5. I bet the majority of it is grotti mexican shwag, but I'd still be willing to take a few pounds of it to do my share of helping solve their problem.
  6. anyone else thinking about getting on google earth and finding these storage trailers?

    it shouldnt be too hard, theyve got a staff of 8 officers lmao
  7. they should sell it to dispenseries at a low price. even at a dollar a gram thats millions of dollars they could put towards improvement of law enforcement, etc
  8. they should give it to us for free

  9. its all scwagg dude. brown and bricked up.
  10. Does anybody else think its funny that the cops are complaining about how hard it is to REMOVE PLASTIC from bricks? That's the most pussy shit I've ever heard. If you're burning the weed anyways, you might as well just get a box cutter and go to town on that schwagg!

    On a side note ... first thought in my mind was "where the hell are those trailers?! I'm goin to Texas!"
  11. heres my plan, so we get a fucking HUGE glass jar, that can hold 100 tons (aka 200 k lbs) and we fill er up with all that shit ok...ok... then we next take the largest fucking cargo container, air tight mind you, filled with 91% iso, and we fill the jar, and soak for no less no more than 30 seconds, then shake for 30, and we then pour this into a massive screen strainer, that is supplimented by thousands of coffee filters, all laid on top of the hugest fucking plate ever, let evaporate for like, a month, and then have like what, 10 tons of qwiso, i wouldnt mind that

  12. lol, want a hand?
  13. Heard That! ISO it

  14. I figure Ill take about a dozen or so....We'll call ourselves the GrassCity Twelve.

    so, can I count you and cottons in? lol
  15. WOAH I WONDER IF THEY COULD ROLL A 200,000 POUND BLUNT!!! THAT WOULD LIKE GET THE WHOLE WORLD BLAZED! Someone should workout if that is true.
  16. Well, most BLUNTS are about 1g so....

    We got 5,600,000 grams. So at least 5.6 million people can get high. That's the size of a decent city.

    That doesn't count sticks, stems seeds or other marijuana waste, though.
  17. I guess I'm just weird in thinking about this, but...

    200,000+ pounds of pot, with the previous sheriff not keeping good records of it(which means there was probably 300,000 pounds at one time) that have been captured by a total of EIGHT people in the last decade.

    That works out to 25,000 pounds per officer for the last ten years, or over 1 ton of weed per officer per year, every year for the last ten years. I mean, seriously, think about those stats for a minute.

    Either these guys are some of the most effective and brilliant investigators and officers in the world, or there are some seriously fucking stupid drug "smugglers" in that area.:cool:
  18. Count me in. I have intensive experience as a shadow ninja, I would be able to sneak around unnoticed.

  19. now see, i think that's a neat idea

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