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  1. I have set up the new tent and lamps and placed the 6 fresh cuttings inside the tent. I wanted to post some pics right away.

    This is the first time that I have had the lights and fan on. The light is a 4', 4 bulb, T5 fixture. The fan is a 150 CFM. With the tent semi closed (doors are unzipped) the temp is running just below 80 with 33% humidity. I'm thinking that I have to cool this down and get the humidy up.

    I had planned on getting rooted clones so this has caught me unprepared. I plan to do some reading on getting these clones to take but any advice early would be greatly appreciated.




    I assume it would be best for me so get a green house effect going here until I can see some root growth. Any suggestions on setting that up would probably be my first priority next to getting the temp in check. BTW, how far off the plants should I be? Also, could I get by with less lampos to get the temps down at least until they are ready to plant?
  2. Your temps arent bad, right near the ideal temp for vegging plants. Get a humidity dome and a spray bottle and mist your clones also pick up a temp/humidity gauge if you havent already. Clones and seedlings you kinda want warmer temps but not to hot. There are alot of vids on youtube you can look up for reference. Sometimes watching how its done is better then reading it.
  3. Agromax :) Love their tents.

    I actually have that same one (Mother Keeper) with a 4 tube-4-foot T5 light as well.

    I have a 170CFM fan for it, but I rarely use it ... those clip on fans cool the T5 enough

    75-85 is perfect for seedlings ... and 33% humid isnt bad either .... keep up the good work, everthings lookin great so far.
  4. I covered the cuttings with a tupperware container to try and use it as a humidity dome today while I was at work. I closed the door to the grow room and came home today to find the entire room temp was 88 and humidity was 24%. I have not set up the exhaust to the outside yet so the whole room got hot. I can leave the door open to help with temps. I wetted the inside of the tupperware container but it tends to drip dry pretty fast. When I got home it was bone dry. I have seen folks here use a "garden start tray" as their humidity dome so I will get one tomorrow.

    Can I use a semi opaque plastic bag overnight until I get a proper dome?
  5. When I first started out I used a cardboard box with Saran Wrap over the top the first time I did some seedlings and clones in soil. Did have to spray it severla times through out the day and evening.
  6. Day three and some leaves are yellowing and a few are wilted. I got the dome today and the instructions say to let the peat pellets dry before adding more water. Is this the case for clones too? Is it also alright for the plant to come in contact with the dome lid?


    Some of the cuttings appear to be trying hard to strighten up and give it a go. If I dont kill these before they root, I assume that I will have to leave them here until I see roots stretching out of the pellets...correct?

    What do you think about trimming the yellowed leaves or should I leave them be?
  7. I finally got the exhaust going outside. Temps are coming down. What about the height between the dome and the lights, at this stage where should I be?

  8. I dont let the soil for clones or seedlings dry out, if it gets to dry they can die really fast. As for light I start clones and seedling out under just a couple of daylight CFL`s then once they start to get roots going is when I increase the lighting. As for leaves that start to yellow I leave them alone till their ready to fall off. There are alot of videos on youtube. For clones I trim the outer edge of the leaf off when taking the cuttings.
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    The cuttings are now 8 days old. I'm running 18/6 with about 12" between the dome and lights. Temp in the tent is usually between 79-81. I give the plants a break from the dome for three to four hours each day for some fresh air and an occasional fan. The tray dries out under the lights and fan quickly and I have been trying to keep them moist and the humidy up. BTW, I found the humidity under the dome was about 53% (29% in the tent).

    I am concerned about the plants being too wet. I have felt the pellets/plugs or what ever they are called and I would consider them on the WET side. I have tried to keep the tray a little on the "dryer" side for a couple days. The large leaves will wilt a little towards the end of the four hours without the dome. They perc right back under the dome. I put them back under the dome for about the last hour of the light cycle each day.

    Some of the larger leaves are continuing to yellow, a few I've clipped or cut the ends off. some are showing signs of straigtening for the light. I have also felt that they will not spin in the planting media like they would when first cut and planted in the plugs. I'm not really trying but I have handled them and the weight of the plant would make them "spin" or "move about" when first planted but not any longer. This makes me feel that they are all rooting.

    I just wanted to catch up to see if I can get an idea from the pros if I could be improving on anything?


  10. A pic of all of them and a bag seed I threw in.

  11. Looking good eh? How old was the mother plant before you took these shoots? I just bought some rockwool today and am looking to try cloning my main plant. But I'm not sure when its safe to take trimmings.
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    It has been two weeks since cutting the clones. Some of them are starting to yellow in the top or newest leaves. Overall they seem to be in decline. I cut one of the soil plugs to expose the cutting and there were no sign of roots. I tried this with the one that looked the worst. I'm still hoping for the best at least for a plant or two.

  13. Any suggestions on how to improve the odds?
  14. Over 2 weeks old and starting to yellow?,if thats correct,its time to repot them imo..from the info i have.
  15. The cutting in the front left of the picture is yellowing in the top the most. That is the plant that I checked and found no roots at all. I figured that I would be seeing roots grow out of the soil plugs before they ever need to be repotted.

    I dont want to mess with them any more than I have to but I'm thinking that these are not gpoing to make it if the first one i checked is any indication.
  16. Some of the cuttings dont appear like they are going to make it but I saw the first sign of roots on one today! Whoo Hooo! There are three that look like they must be rooting. I want to get these transplanted soon and was wondering if I should remove the netting "like" material from the grow plug before putting it in the new pot? I'm also curious if I should be continuing for some time with the humidity dome?

    I'm glad to see some of the starts rooting now but even those plants show some signs of distress in the tops. Should I let them be or top them right away too?
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    Ok goob. Listen up. Yellowing of clones can be a good sign. It means they are rooting.
    A very gentle tug on them will tell for sure. If they move at all they didnt root.
    Next time you take teens. Clip off more leaf. There are too many and their tips arent clipped. Less life to support less energy reqired. U want all that plants energy going to forming roots. And clipping leaf tips signal to the plant to do this.
    The bottom of the pan holding water? Hope so
    Use 2L pop bottles for humidity domes. Just cut to size(height)
    Get your cloning and seedling trays warm. This is a trick that makes everyone a decent cloner. Without warmth is alot harder you also need warmth for humidity Get a Heat mat. These are like cheating they work so well.
    Not really a fan of the jiffys but they do work. Leave the netting alone. Just bury em in damp soil.
  18. Texas "chili"....so you're growing a bowl of tomatoes, beans and meat?

    haha j/k
  19. Here are some pics to show the progress.




    Thanks for the reply Hemi. I'm picking it up slowly so I appreciate the input.

    I only clipped a couple of the fan leaves as they yellowed and have read more about clipping them so will try that next time. We just got some larger bottles too and will use them soon. This little Jiffy dome was what was available at the garden center here in town. I have only bought soils at the grow light store but will look for a better dome and heater there too. Any in particular that you can suggest?

    There has been water in the bottom of the tray for the most part. I have felt like the soil plugs have actually been a little too wet so I have tried to keep the amount of water holding in the bottom of the try to a minimum while being careful to not let them dry out.

    It has been exactly a month since they were first clipped. It is hard to notice the growth beings I look at them every day. However looking back at the first pics I can now tell that they are filling in like they are still in a flowering stage. I'm not sure I can say that I have seen what I would consider a switch to the veg stage again. This concerns me a bit and makes me wonder if I should switch the lights to 24/0 (currently 18/6). All said I feel that at least the one plant shown by itself has transistioned well through rooting and into the pot. I'm still reading on nutes and trying to figure out exactly how I want to approach that.

    Texas Chili is the name I was given. He had some dried sample nugs that we tried... very nice! :smoking:The little nugs on them now are looking mighty frosty that is for sure! I need a better camera though.
  20. I do my 2L bottles the other way. The spout hole on top acts as the vent. (cut off bumps on bottom)

    Heat mat. Im gonna say any brand should do. Run ya bout 20-30 bucks.

    Some people have great sucess with the tray filled with moist perlite. Not too wet andnthe roots go a searchin for water.
    If u feel the plugs are a bit too wet a gentle squeeze will wring them out enough.
    Key word here is gentle.

    Id dump em all into pots man. Its time.

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