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Texas Bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Litew8stoner, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. I've been reading through these forums and people are saying shit like that in texas you can get pounds for 200-400$ and O's for like 30$.

    Is this some nugget?! Or some Mexican barn schwag?

  2. Its not dank quality, more than likely shwag or at best middies but im not from tex so ionno bout their herbal
  3. My guess is probably mids or somethin.
  4. the whole "mids" term is never used in texas, well atleast ive never heard anyone say it

    weed is pretty cheap in texas. for 300 a pound of shwag, green and smells great.

    QP canbe as low as 200 for hyrdo, 800 or 700 for a pound. weed is always different though, depends on the season.

    also if you get around the austin or dallas areas, there is some danky dank dank
  5. hi first time trying to communicate, on here,just doing my first grow and need a bit of info,i have choice of 2 rooms 2 grow 1 is an attic or a celler, which would be the best room 2 use? anyone?, and it costa a fortune in england gange:) that is .
  6. look, i dont know about qp's and such but when i buy an 1/8 or a 1/4 of kind bud in texas i usually expect to pay between 50 and 60 for 1/8, most of the time 60 and about 100 to 110 for a quarter. in arizona and in cali i have encountered much better prices and for much better quality bud. 45 for an 1/8 of norther cali bud that is actually one hit legit, and stinks so bad that it smells up the whole room even double baged.
  7. I live in texas as well and I also pay 50-60 for 8th's and 90-100 for quarters, that is pretty pricey but you can't get it any cheaper unless you grow your own which I plan to start soon. However the bud you do get is really dank ... especialy around the austin or dallas area like Tree187 said. Although 700-800 for a pound of dank? i'd do that in a heartbeat.. around here you pay 300-400 for oz!

    if it is schwagg i'm sure i could get a pound for 300-400 easy but i really dont like to smoke the stuff :( and only have once
  8. It Depends Who You Know. I Can Get A Brick Of Good Bright Green Shit For About 200. But If You Dont Got The Right Connects Youre Gonna Pay More For Some Dirt Weed
  9. If your that close to mexico you should beable to get cheap ok quality weed.

    But a joint in mexico is like having a single small hoot of the average weed we have up here.
  10. i live in el paso,tx mexico isnt even 30minutes away you can get some really good stuff cheap im getting a brick of some really good stuff for 350 things are alot cheaper in this area i dont know about other parts of texas

  11. Yes well I live in Texas and mexico is 700+ miles away so... let me make the quick drive there... ;)
  12. I got to say, right know the most populer in Cali is the Arizona bud... red hiar, nice thc crystal all over, and when u smoke it, it gives u a fucking bomb ass trip....

    But i heard Texas got some bomb ass bud... But dont know.. never visit up their..
  13. If you know the right people, weed can be dirt cheap. Some of the best is around Austin, but here in Houston, you can get just about anything you want for a good price. Thats why when people buy here, they buy alot, because they can get the right price.
  14. here it is i live in tx and got it for 350 what do u think of it
  15. oh it wont let me attach it again go to the first forum and search for "check out my brick"

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