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Texas Bud?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by GreenGryphon, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. I'm curious as to where the best bud is in Texas. The best I've experienced is some Romulan (Locally grown, very smooth, relaxing dank), and some Island Sweetskunk (Something like that). I don't really have any pictures, and the stuff I have isn't worth being displayed around the shit I've seen on these boards.

  2. from what i understand texas is a very poor state for weed
    but your best bet would be major cities;)
  3. I guess my question is just being a little more specific on the city. San Antonio weeds is pretty lame unless you have South Side connects.
  4. hahaha, not at all. me and 210hustla used to live in northwest SA, by UTSA, and check out his pick-up threads. there's A LOT of dank in San Antonio, more so in Houston though, i've gotten green crack/durban poison/bubba kush/OG kush/grandaddy purp all in the past week, and they're legit strains, keep in mind there are a lot of dealers that just slap a name on their weed and try to sell it.
  5. Hey Invictis,

    First, did you play World of Warcraft, on the Maelstrom server?

    But namely: are you still in SA? I take it 210hustler is? I'm not at school right now, so chillin' on the North side.
  6. Dallas and Austin have some of the dankest weed in the region, You just have to know people. :smoke:
  7. Nah I don't play WoW, i'm in Houston now for the summer, 210hustla is still on the northside. Here's some pics of some weed me and 210 picked up in the SAtown.


    210 posted most of the threads cuz his girl had the camera that took all the pics, man I wish I had a camera like that in Houston, i've already had like 20 different strains this summer haha, I want to keep a strain journal.

    I kinda miss SA, used to get fucked up daily, bars/klonopins were always around and somehow I had money for them, now i'm broke in Houston with a fucking DUI. Now i'm not even coming back to UTSA, it's whatever though.

  8. Nevermind then. Weird coincidence.

    I'm in Alamo Heights, and it's a really big market area because of the schools, but it's hard to get -dank- ass shit actually in there. You need to know some other connect.

    And I'm sorry to hear about the DUI. I've had to bail out 3 friends up in Lubbock in two semesters.
  9. im in dallas. all i smoke is good chronic and hashes.

    texas is not a bad place for weed. you can get dirt for cheap from anyone. but if you want the supers you gotta build some good connects.

    i dont really smoke corn/mids or any of that shit. its all kushes and medi quality strains.

    and we don't get out nug from any side of the city. its all spread out around the metroplex. you find more sativas with heavy bag appeal in the richer areas and more kush and indicas in the more hood areas.
  10. austin has some dank weed. thats where all my boys up in college station get their stuff. I went up there for marley fest and bought 2g's of some of the dankest bud i've seen
  11. Austin has bomb weed
    best dank
    great shwag if you know some people
    dirt cheap mexican too

  12. yeah im in dallas right now smoking on some lemon drop, legit sour diesel, and went through about 4 different kushes in the last few weeks (posted a pick up with a couple of them) and went through some bubble hash also...

    finding connects is hard but once you do its easy to realize theres DANK in most metropolitan areas.

    what part of the D are you staying in tyrone?
  13. atx thats where its at, i got local grown, the grower is my buddy, some legit shroomy d and blackberry

  14. atx has fire but im tellin you if you know where to look in dallas you can get some unreal shit. especially around the park cities area with SMU and all the rich kids who drop lots of bread on drugs...
  15. I live near Dallas and I get some pretty good dro consistently.

    I had to look around quite a bit for a solid dealer, though.
  16. you can get the dank in htown check the stash jar for my new budz you just have to know the right people and you can find the kronik
  17. Where the hell are the mids? I can't find them to save my life.
  18. Ive lived in texas all my life.
    And have yet to ever find mids.
    But dank is everywhere.
  19. tell me about it ive only come across good ones a few times

  20. i live in houston, moving up to s.a. to go to utsa in the fall.
    good to hear that there's dank there. i'll need to find a good dealer.

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