Texas body cavity search over marijuana smell

Discussion in 'General' started by KillerKush, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Outrage: Texas Women Cavity Searched by Police Over Alleged Marijuana Smell | Alternet
  2. fuckin texas man..

    secede damnit
  3. No surprise there :confused_2:
  4. the only good thing that came from texas was UGK, they should quit while they're ahead
  5. ^a lot of good music comes from texas.. but the way a lot of people in texas think is just fuckin crazy
  6. its sad people let cops bully them like this, and chances are the cops will be lightly punished. fuck
  7. I feel like punching an officer of the law

    when he asks why, ill say attribute that to your homie in texas bitch

  8. yeah, i couldn't deal with living in jesusland

  9. and what were they supposed to do? if the cops don't care about bullshit body cavity searches then they wouldn't care about adding charges; resisting arrest, assault on an officer
  10. all of this is just fucked up
  11. [​IMG]

  12. would you let a cop stick their finger in your ass?
  13. No fucking way.
  14. I wish then we would all have a reason to get the fuck outta here
  15. wow over a plant now legal in 2 states? cmon breh....
  16. outta texas or the states?
  17. I swear, people act like Texas is the worst state in the world. Does fucked up shit happen here? Sure, just like every other place in the country. We're not all Jesus loving, conservative ass holes. Most of us hate Perry, and his little gang of red blooded politicians.

    Texas is a great state. I've lived here all of my life, in several different cities and have never had any problems. I'm no white male either. Our economy is great, the food is to die for, and people are just down right friendly.

    Fucked up shit happens all throughout this country. Don't blame the state for the actions of a few.
  18. Do you live in Austin?
  19. Texas ain't too bad, man. You hear of worse shit coming from Florida. And much more of it yet they recieve no hate. Texas really is an amazing state.
  20. i know what you mean i think but what should they of did? once they went to run... or started getting erratic telling the cop to fuck off and they cant finger you they'd just pull out the tase and finger ya twice as hard and give you a resisting charge too. cops are idiots and think they are always right no matter what anyone says, you can't win with cops. fuck the police. fuck all of those bastards.

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