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  2. I think the state of Texas will hold out to be the last state in the union to legalize marijuana. They will vote it down.
      Now maybe if they give away free guns with the purchase of MMJ, they will legalize it...
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    I say the same thing about Utah, only replace guns with the book of haberdashery. :cool:
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  4. Did you read the article?
    copy/paste.......NEW YORK (MainStreet) - Marijuana reform in Texas has been a long time coming, but as the end of this momentous year in cannabis legalization draws to a close, it is now on the legislative road map of reform, potentially as soon as 2015. The State Legislature plans to take up decriminalization in January, on the heels of states around states around the country that will be getting serious about implementing new voter driven laws post November.
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  5. Texas is the best god damn country on the face of america.
    We dont want you and yaalls devil marijuanas. Praise the lord.

    Im not from texas, but id assume thats how most will react.

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  6. you'd be extremely surprised at the growing number of people opening up to the idea. The influence from the younger generation, is starting to outweigh the negativity seen in the (excuse me OSS) older population .
    Sadly I see it as more of an abusive type of "let's get dumb high" versus a more subtle "hey let's go to the dispensary" way of using the herb. but hey! legalization would be great!
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  7. It should stay illegal but they should just not get arrested it they smoke
  8. . im confused. Texas the best country in the face of america????????? never heard of the country Texas. if they legalize it there im down to go there. where ever the fuck it is

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    Why would you say that? There are so many problems with a policy like that.
  10. :yay: It's gonna happen soon.  Texas is surprisingly liberal, you would have no idea if you didn't live here.  I'm sure some parts of the country still think it's like the 1800s and people are riding horses to the town saloon, getting ready to shoot them some indians, but Austin is a pretty liberal/smoker friendly city tbh
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  11. Texas used to be its own country actually. Lol

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    As a Texan, you'd be surprised at who likes to get high down here. I've met all sorts of people who are old, young, black, white, etc. and they like to take a toke or two during their day.

    They just aren't advocates. Most of them down here just keep to themselves and pay no attention to the law and do their own thing. If medical were to come around in Texas I know a couple people who could benefit and I would dare go so far as to say we could get it legalized at some point and get the law to go after the cartel for hard drugs moving up from the border.

    Us Texans can only dream...
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  13. I was being sarcastic lol. Most redneck texans are convinced there shit dosent stink, and that there state is better than any other state.

    Hence sayings like "dont mess with texas"
    "Everything is bigger in texas"

    They act like they are there own country, and that every other state are mere peasants.

    Again im talking about the redneck bible belt folks. Not the more liberal crowd.

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  14. No offense taken. You were talking about the closed minded bible thumping conservatives. When it comes to marijuana legalization, I think like a 15 year old....
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  15. They should kill themselves but they should not die for doing so.
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    damn jiji thats too soft. You disappoint me. The correct way is choking them to death after breaking various bones and right before the light goes out of thier eyes you tell them that their mother and father never loved them. From personal experience :D
  17. Lol did you just call me jiji?
  18. lls jiji means gramps in Japanese.
  19. Lol  How do you say fucked up old man in japanese?
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  20. Dude.

    Austin is the oasis in the middle of the Texas shit-desert.

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