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Texans for Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tr3-0, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Now is our time! We as a community have the power to change how the government deals with people like you and me who greatly desire the meds.​

    Please take 10 mins. out of your day to send emails, easily, to
    State reps., Senators, and More!

    "You've gotta' have respect for the plant that you smoke;
    respect it before you smoke it, it's Our responsibility to take action.
    Our responsibility to Make Change!
    God dammit It's Our Time to Step Up"
    - Tr3-0

    So if you're Bold enough, Caring enough to finaly voice your mind,
    Please click here

    (This is definatly not strictly for Texas, and Texans alike)
  2. Common' people. I thought i've come to the right place man, but maybe not...

    This is why the stereo type continues to push on,
    It's YOUR VOICE and only YOU can make it heard.

    So please take the same time it would take to order a pizza, and WRITE YOUR STATE REPS>!!!

    It's very very EASY, just click here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You realize this is the medical marijuana section, yes? Not the recreational use section... Maybe that's what the problem is? Try saying so people who could seriously benefit, instead people who just wanna light up... :)
  4. Well if people here weren't so narrow minded they would have clicked that link, inside it has letters ranging from medicinal to recreational, which was y i posted in both.
  5. I don't think it's narow minded when your on the forum specificaly for medicial use ONLY. Just saying... >.>
  6. Dude, stop trollin, this is an important matter.
  7. Bump. Lets get bills passed here people!
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    This is a serious matter and if he's talking about House Bill 164 like I think he is it should definitely be supported. Unfortunately I've already done as much as I can without repeating myself to the same state representatives but hopefully I can provide the information to other Texans here and ya'll will do the same.

    To view the text of HB164 go here:

    To view the status of HB164 go here:

    If you want to help out and do your part please contact our Texas representatives by sending emails, faxes, or phone calls supporting this bill:
  9. anywhere i can find a pre-written email?

    Indica is making me lazy :(
  10. Borrowed from the NORML website.
  11. Maybe there just aren't a whole lot of Texans on the board?

    You might consider starting a Texas based Medical MJ message board - that might help.

    Good luck guys, I wish you the best.
  12. Thanks, we'll probably need it with the Reps we have in this state and our track record. Unfortunately I don't think a whole lot of people even look at this board but hopefully we can still get the message across.
  13. Persistence is the only thing that works when it comes to new legislation. If it wasn't for a dozen or so very, very persistent people in the early 90's California wouldn't have gotten MMJ.

    My suggestion is try to find as many like-minded people in your state and band together in a coalition, lots of voices are very hard to ignore.
  14. Yeah man click the link after my speach bro. (where it says click here)
    it has differnt topics you can choose, and pre-writtin letters

    Lets get Writting!:hello:
  15. I highly suggest that anyone interested in helping out give the following state representative a call.

    Jim Jackson (Addison/Carrollton)
    (512) 463-0468 - Capitol Office Phone
    (972) 416-7698 - District Office Phone

    This Housemember co-sponsored the exact same bill last year in 07 and is friendly towards the MMJ cause. I gave his office a call to let them know my feelings on House Bill 164 and ended up catching Representative Jackson and we spoke for over 30 minutes on the subject.
  16. Cool ill b makin calls when i get back to the crib, thanks man.
  17. This is awesome, bump for great justice
  18. hell yes! we need to put texas on the list i did it and im tellling my boys at my head shop to go here and do this
  19. #19 Tr3-0, Feb 14, 2009
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    Thanks guys Everyone Counts!

    Presistance is key in winning the war!
    Support HB 164

    You can help support HB 164 by submitting a letter to the editor.
    HB 164 would permit physicians to make written or oral recommendations that, in the physician's medical opinion, the potential benefits of marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks for a particular patient. If arrested for possession of marijuana, a patient with a recommendation from his or her physician would be able to assert an affirmative defense to charges arising from his or her medical use of marijuana. If a court accepts the affirmative defense, it would mean that a patient could avoid jail time and fines. The bill would not, however, protect patients from the initial arrest.

    EDIT: Like the bill says it will not stop an arrest from taking place, maybe sometimes it will, but overall this is a Step Foward----->

    This Act takes effect September 1, 2009.
  20. Now bumped.

    EDIT: Go Texas!

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