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  1. Well I'm from Texas, the Houston area, but I am currently living in Europe. Though there are hopes that I will one day return to my native soil, lol. I found this place, well not exactly found I knew of it before, but I came here because I've been reading the forums for info on outdoor growing and I gotta say y'all know your shit and are very informative. With all that jazz out of the way I'd just like to say hello.
  2. Hey DJK, us Texans will keep you abreast of Houston happenings! Especially with the ladies AND the ladies, if you know what I mean.

    Been growing for awhile, but new to the City as well. Cheers!
  3. Another Texan here!
    Which part of Europe are you in?
  4. I appreciate that snookyrump :) can't wait to see how your grows go. And Silemax currently I'm in Denmark, could be in Poland for a bit of time soon though. Thanks for the welcomes
  5. Pooolska <33 Originally from Poland, living in Canada now, I too hope to return to my native soil..What made you go to Europe?

    Tęsknię do domu
  6. pretty sure there still bangin screw tapes in houston like its 1995, so everything is A+.

    welcome to the city mane.
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    officially welcome to the forums

    my weird cosmic international brother

    you digging it so far?

    edit: and to all the texans checking in on this thread, shoutout to bryan/college station from a european texan

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