Discussion in 'General' started by potsmokaupnorth, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. I'm going to get tested for breathing or somthin i'm not sure of but it's for scuba diving and i'm wonderin if they can figure out that i've been smoking from that test. I htink that it's like a spyrographography lol but it's spyro somthin
  2. its a test fer scuba..hummm.. i dont think they could detect it.. and even if they do i dont think theyd care..
  3. that's what I thought as well. thanks
  4. my cousin had this done cause hes a hardcore diver, and hardcore smoker. he said they r testing for lung capacity and stuff, and he also said that the guys doing the test asked him if he smoked and he was like "yeah" and they said he had a larger than normal lung capacity from smoking/holding breath alot, since he dives ya know....but no ur safe to get tested.
  5. OK thanks alot I'm going diving in november, it's going 2 b realllllly cold!!! and without a dry suit just a full wet suit
  6. well good luck, ive never diven, dived or dove myself, but i hear lots of good things about it :)
  7. well i got tested today and everything's good, i think

    all i had to do is breath in 2 this thing and breath out 4 as long as i could and breath in as deep as i could. They didnt ask me anything bout smokin so i figure it's time 2 get back 2 puffin the sweet cheeba.


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