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  1. Hey everyone, so here's the situation. My buddy has a few plants, and today we wanted to test em. Now I know there are a few chintsy ways of drying them, but what's the fastest way to dry the plants without compromising quality?

    Also, we're worried these plants are gonna seed instead of bud, beceause when we grew them a male popped up undetected for a while (noobie mistake). Is there any way to tell if they'll bud at all?

    Thanks for your help
  2. You cannot "speed up" the drying process without damaging the final product. The main ingredients for drying are moderately low humidity, moderate temps, gentle air ventilation, and time.

    Only way to answer your second question is to grow it out. But a female plant should bud whether pollinated or not, the question would be if it will have seeds.
  3. Oh, alright. Much appreciated ++

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