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Testing out my waterfall bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by darkfires12, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I am testing out a waterfall bong I recently made to see if it is good to go for when I am smoking tomorrow. The waterfall bong I made is the simple 20 ounce bottle with a tin foil bowl over the top and a hole burnt in the bottom and the bottle will be lifted out water while the weed is light. Anyway, this is my second time making a waterfall bong. I attempted to make one back when I was new to smoking, but I failed miserably and after that I decided to not bother with those homemade smoking devices. A few days ago though, my friend crafted a waterfall bong for us to smoke out of and finally, I realized just how FUCKING AWESOME these things are. Enough of the story though, I am now testing my waterfall bong by burning small balls of paper to see if I can properly get the bottle to fill with smoke (and no, I don't plan on smoking the paper). So far, I have failed to get the bottle to fill with the amount of smoke that my friend managed to get when he handled his waterfall bong. Am I failing to properly light the paper and lift the bottle or does paper just burn differently from weed? I can't seem to get the bottle to full thick with smoke.
  2. Yes, ordinary paper burns much more different than weed. The only thing i can really see paper helping you with is by using it to practice rolling.

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