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Discussion in 'General' started by ludivicomethod, Aug 10, 2001.

  1. I put the gopher pic on my signature, and need to test it. For the post, what is the least socially acceptable music you listen to? Mine, being a straight 15 year-old male that plays rock guitar, would be Jewel and Lisa Loeb.
  2. DAMN ANGELFIRE!!!! DAMN THEM TO HELL! I will replace it when I feel like going to some other eBay type hosting service.
  3. anything comercial. this includes (to the greatest degree in terms of smoke listenability) nurock (pop) which is harmonyless, rythimless, mindless and qualityless rubish that has no scientifically sound musical contrast and sympathy between any aspect of the 'sound'. it is not music. it is sh*t. Not that i know many of thier names... but the ones that spring to mind are the likes of Korn, linkinpark, Anal Cunt... and thats all that spring to mind.

    I hope u guys agree.

    also (despite finding myself actually enjoying some on occasion) comercial kiddie pop is the worst!!!! ik! its so evil of them to prey on the misguided 'intrests' of the young and easilly corruptable to make mega bucks.


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