Testicular Cancer??

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    Was about to post about the same thing. Here is a similair article I found this morning on cnn. http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/02/09/health.pot.cancer/index.html

    "The bottom line is that I would not start warning my marijuana smokers that they are going to get testicular cancer," he said. "I don't think there's enough here to go forward with that message, at least not yet."
  2. hm, who knows... I don't believe it for a sec. Marijuana has shown 100s of good reasons, I'm sure you could point out a few possible bad reasons. Only way to truely find out is to pull down the draws of 1000 bud smokers, and 1000 non-bud smokers and see.

    they couldn't have possibly tested this long enough to have any reasonable ammount of data for or against in this case.
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    Well ... I'll be first to ask..

    Anyone have it/ knows someone who does?

    I don't, and smoke 3x day.
    Same with my dad, 3x if not more for... 20-30 yrs? Idk

    Add a poll?

    I dunno, I'll wait for more research, but I dun think it's something to just blow off
  4. My Dad has smoked for over 40 years and does not have testicular cancer. He has a few other medical problems but those were caused by alcohol use.
  5. Same here, all his medical issues come from other sources (from what I know), mostly cholesterol and such
  6. FTA:

    it seems like marijuana is just an accelerant to balls cancer. Reading it, I got the impression that unless you already had a medical condition before you started smoking or you started when you were 7, you should be fine. I'm not gonna believe this one until more research comes out.

    Plus, think of all the hippies from 60s-70s. They're fine. If marijuana was a major contributing factor to balls cancer than there would be like an epidemic of old male hippies with their balls rotting off and you don't see it.
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    NOW we really know we are getting to them!

    You think it's any coincidence they scrape together this article days after Phelps gets the country talking about pot legalization?

    Bull crap study without proper control. It's a glorified phone-survey. They asked a few hundred people about their use of marijuana and if they had cancer, they automatically assumed marijuana caused it. Who the fuck knows the genetic background, the alcohol use rate, .etc of these guys

    THC induces apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells

    Showing that there is no substantial evidence for carcinogenic properties of THC

    dozens of others completely contradict, in a thorough asskicking "you got owned" way, this pathetic excuse of an article.
  8. Anyone know a link to the exact study? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  9. That is odd...

    I can't find it either

    It is supposed to be in the online publication Cancer

    But I see no such article: http://caonline.amcancersoc.org/content/vol59/issue1/
  10. Fuck my nuts anyways I don't even get along with them! :rolleyes:

  11. Just so's you know, testicular cancer is almost exclusively found in YOUNG males. I think 18-28 is the group, could be off a few years.
  12. Out of all the men that get Testicular Cancer, there are bound to be thousands who have smoked and still smoke. Hell if i wanted to i could say that people who Jerk off all the time get testicular cancer 45% of the time...where is my scientific evidence(don't need it because everyone does it.)
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    I believe this is the journal: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/28741/home

    However, I still cannot find the damn article in the last 4 posted issues.

    EDIT: Found the abstract: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/121685776/abstract

    However, you have to pay to read the full article. Bullshit.
  14. Everytime something good is found out everybody here is like "I knew it!!!" but when something bad is found everyone calls bullshit.
  15. yea well pretty much the only thing that seems to be legitimate is "can have effects on short term memory/learning ability" up to two weeks after frequent use
  16. I dont think most of us are calling Bullshit overall, when i said bullshit (other thread) i meant they cant use this argument since it hasnt been backed up enough yet.

  17. I don't even agree with that lol. I think it's just that when you blaze so much your brain changes a bit (not in a bad way), and so learning is a bit different. I find it more visual when I am high. I find that when I get something when i'm high, then I definitely know what is going on (conceptually). Now that I am used to it I study high all the time. If it wasn't for marijuana I don't think I could do a double major in Physics and CPSC without dying. Thanks marijuana!
    (If your gunna blaze that much you should probably use a vape).

    Also, for short term memory, I dunno. It doesn't affect me but that could just be me. Again, I find that I remember things visually (events, images, etc.) waaaaay better when I am high and I remember words and phrases and other such non-visual things waaaay better when I am sober. Whichever is better depends on the scenario.

    Neways, yes I too find it suspicious that this came a few days after Phelps. LOL!
  18. Honestly I don't believe it either. I think it's all in your head. Doesn't affect me either..but I've noticed a lot, maybe even a majority of pot smokers agree with it.

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