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  1. Hiya folks.
    I'm currently doing some work with my good mate Sonic testing out new seed lines and also collaborating on new lines in the very near future!

    I aim to use the canna line with some minor substitutions for all the test seeds to keep it both uniform and as close to natural as possible so the true phenotypic and genetic expression is more apparent.

    Right, boring stuff out of the way! Now, I have got 21 Feminised Grapefruit X Amnesia Haze Seeds that have been going now for a little under two weeks under MH, and have just gone into the flowering area. Also in the flowering are as of this morning are 6 Feminised Pinequeen Haze X Amnesia Haze which are a were bit smaller as they have been in smaller pots until recently but they were all popped at the same time (3rd March)

    Amnesia x Grapefruit Fems
    Just started kicking out some smells, kinda like those refresher sweets you got as a kid. Most of them seem very uniform, a couple of slightly shorter stockier ladies which are a shade darker but mostly slightly rangier and light limey green.

    Pinequeen Haze X Amnesia Haze Fems

    Seem to mostly be a little bit more sativa out of the 6 kicking out some nice spicy notes but a couple that are a bit tighter with the nodes are stinking already, really strong fruity spicy hazy goodness!

    I'll be posting pretty regularly on here for all the seed tests and I'll also post links to breeding journals as they start going in the next few weeks ,Got some really cool stuff to play with so stay tuned for a sneak peek!

    Enjoy the sunshine guys :)
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  2. Coming soon to a screen near you very soon

    Don't wanna give too much away yet, but got some awesome new and old strains to test and breed with - loads diesel and Kush, UK Pineapple, Lemon Drizzle, UK Cheese, GDP Girl Scout Cookies, and a whole load more to boot!
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  3. It looks like a very nice setup but don't you think it is a bit crowded. You basically have close to no way to trim any of the plants easily.

    The only change i would do is to reduce the amount of plants inside the tent.

    Other than that , it looks really nice :)
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  4. Hey man thanks for stopping by, always welcome some input. totally agree, the set up is a work in process and this is only a temporary home for these lovely babies, everything will be in a much more suitable home in the coming days.
    Not really focussing on veg time for most of this stuff, Just 3.5l pots, canna terra, into 12/12 and see how they do climbing straight up :D
    All the mother's will end up being hacked back and kept small which will obviously help.
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  5. I'll be following your journal closely , would like to see the end of this journal :)
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  6. Well hopefully the end of this journal is a long way away!

    I'll use this thread for displaying all of the tests of the new strains we will be breeding so there should always be something fun happening :)

    There's a lovely chocolopex shimla male that's begging to Chuck some pollen soon ...
  7. Update....
    The amnesia x grapefruit are starting to shoot on a bit. Few funky smells coming through and the different phenos are showing a bit more now. Still pretty uniform. Spent ages gardening today so will get some pix up tomorrow.
    Chucked a few other little bits in today just for fun, a few dark shadow haze, and starkiller og from seed, both from rare dankness. Love Scott's stuff, easily one of my favourite breeders. Grown the venom og and 501st before, both were lovely but the 501st was just a pip better really dank sweet petrolly lemon candy taste. Absolutely awesome. It shares Skywalker genetics with the starkiller so have high hopes for those. A few nice phenos to choose from by the looks of it. Hoping for a nice male for a little bit of breeding. A nice ibl would be nice to test out.
  8. Update time guys.

    So the gf x Am are bowling along. Some lovely smells. The tallest growing pheno smells like actual grapefruits. Really strongly. Not got any pistils yet so these could end up a decent size :) sticky stems already too. Big thick stalks lovely uniform growth. Love these girls they are so little work its unreal. Just bang them in and watch them go.

    The pinequeen amnesia crosses are starting to come along too now. Just picking up their speed but these are much less leggy, very short notes tight dark green little beauties. Can smell the pinequeen in them all very strongly.

    Am x Gf

    Pq x Am

    Vegging stuff

    These snakebite I am very excited for. Tom Hills deep chunk x diesel.

    So loads of cuts have come through. A few spares have gone into flower now along with some rare dankness gear so will post some shots as they bud up.

    Enjoy the sunshine guys :)

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