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Tested the Mango Theory for Myself - Busted

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qwerty man, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So what we have here is a whole lot of mangoes


    I have only heard about the mango theory on GC, and I was always a bit skeptical.

    So I ate two (large) mangoes an hour before smoking a 0.3 bowl. And then ate another one after smoking. I normally smoke .3 bowls, and I would say I have a pretty low tolerance right now.

    One of the mangoes

    The nug

    I must conclude that the mangoes did not at all enhance or prolong my high, when compared to smoking without digesting mangoes. If I am wrong, and there is scientific reasoning behind it, then the difference is either negligible or subjective to different users.

    Just wanted to share, that is all :wave:
  2. Different stuff does different things for different people... But I do think the mango theory is bs. Mostly because I don't like mangoes and am not willing to try it :bongin:
  3. Placebo effect.
  4. I keep meaning to try this theory but always get high and forget..
  5. It works when i try it and its not a placebo effect keep trying eat one 30 mins,1 hour,1 1/2 hour, and so on youll know when you feel it.:smoke:
  6. I used to hate mangos then I tried a fresh one when I was high and now I love them.

  7. yea, I've tried it before and it worked. I'm fully open to the possibility of it being a placebo effect, but it seemed to work for me. And Mangos just taste awesome in general so I dont mind eating them while I'm High :)

    But I have heard before that they have to be ripe, or if they've been put in a fridge and the temps were too low, like most fruit, it damages the fruit/taste.
  8. i tried it once. bought a mango, went to eat it ,tasted like crap,didn't finish it,got high. :cool:
  9. They must be super ripe
  10. OP got trolled hard by some noobs.
  11. i tried it with a super ripe mango and i didnt notice any difference
  12. I'm still planning to eat some mango with my mango kush just because it sounds like an awesome idea....
  13. Most definetly worked for me.

  14. Well, I thought they were pretty ripe. Some of them look green on the outside, but they're soft and sweet on the inside (probably all that ethylene gas)

    And like I said, I'm sure it varies from person to person. I just didn't notice any significant difference :confused_2:
  15. Try abreva or abrova mangos, they're all orange and yellow, no red or green and their usually smaller than the usual mangos. And those work for me, you also gotta give it time to start digesting the mango than smoke. I find it just makes my cerebal high hit a bit harder.
  16. It does make a difference, I ate some and drank a ton of mango juice, I think it ruins a high, mango = no bueno
  17. I hate mangos.

    I mean, they're really sweet and I feel like they're delicious. I however, just hate the taste. I don't know why.

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