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Tested: Halls Mixture as bong water

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hamiltonian, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hi guys.
    these questions always come up: "can i put soda/milk/anything-but-water in my bong?"

    recently i read someone asking about putting melted halls as bong water. this would mean dissolving the Halls in water then freezing/chilling them, i thought that would be cool so i tried it. here are my results, they are not very in-depth because i am not the most experienced smoker:

    how to make:
    about a cup-full of water (i used tap water)
    a pack of mint flavored Halls
    heat water and dump halls in (this helps to dissolve them faster)
    put mixture in freezer overnight
    open the next morning and mix to slushie consistency
    pour in bong and fire up! :bongin: :bongin: :hello:

    the bong:
    the bong i used was a homemade one (srry guys)
    made from a vitamin water bottle and a pipe. havent gotten around to buying any nice glass yet. :rolleyes:
    *im not completely sure how this effects the results so be aware of that

    the good stuff:
    around mid-day i smoked 2 bowls with the new bong mixture,
    first hit: definitely one of the smoothest hits ive ever taken, the smoke just filled my lungs with ease and there was a definite cooling feeling. the minty taste was also awesome
    second hit: still smooth as a baby's bottom
    third hit: smoke continues to feel great, still no coughing or throat pains after the first bowl(usually i get a pain in my throat after i smoke from this bong)
    New Bowl
    first hit: As the mixture starts to become more liquid than solid the hit feels a little rougher and warmer
    second hit: clear the second bowl and still absolutely no coughing or uncomfortable.

    since i was pretty high, i decided not to pour out the Halls water earlier, upon spotting the bong i decided to smoke another bowl, the water had reached about room temperature, and lead to a different experience.
    first hit: smoke felt much less smooth, but tasted fresh and minty similar to the last sesh. the hit followed by a few coughs but nothing serious, still less than normal(plain water)
    second hit and third hits were mainly the same.

    overall this is awesome, i recommend it to anyone and proper cooling is definitely important for the best experience. I always see people asking about non-water bong fluids and no one actually testing them out, so i decided to do this, hope it was helpful. sorry if its too short or too long or in the wrong section. have a nice night and smoke up :p :smoke: :hippie: :bongin: :yay:

  2. lol wtf thats crazy, or im just really high.
  3. haha its awesome
  4. that doesn't sound like such a good idea to me unless some science nerd comes proves to me that it's safe...but that's just me.
  5. [quote name='"swaqqer"']that doesn't sound like such a good idea to me unless some science nerd comes proves to me that it's safe...but that's just me.[/quote]

    I don't see how it's any different than breathing through your mouth while you have a mint. I might try this later
  6. Halls usualy has menthol in it but besides that I'm pretty sure it isn't dangerous for myself I'll just stick to water :p
  7. i dont feel any harmful side effects... soo smooth!
  8. Bongs should always be smooth unless you're a noob.
  9. I will never do this but more power to you if you like it. I guess it isn't as bad as putting Coca-Cola in your bong like I've read here a couple times.
  10. i like to use water and put red or blue food coloring in it, it looks fuckin sick haha.
  11. Sounds...sticky
  12. I'm not sure what halls are but if they contain sugar and the sugar gets to the point of vaporization or combustion it will crystallize in your lungs.

    Do halls contain sugar?
  13. You know Halls cough drops? :p
  14. yes they have sugar, i dont think the water is getting hot enough for the sugar to be vaporized, what would happen if the sugar crystallized in your lungs?
  15. Just load that bong w/ Nyquil. That should work out ok.....right?
  16. If I ever put anything in my bong other than water it would be watermelon lime slurpee from 7/11 or Frost Glacier Freeze Gatorade. Fuck that Halls noise.

  17. seems like the texture and temperature of the slurpee would have the same effect on the smoke, but different strokes for different folks
  18. Wouldn't using something like soda filter out thc due to the fat?

  19. ^^ this is another thing people always say.

    first of all there is very little fat in soda or milk, so only 4-5% of the liquid is actually soaking up THC

    secondly, the smoke is not in contact with the liquid for long enough for the fat to have a significant effect on the THC content.

    therefore the amount of THC absorbed by the fat in bong liquid is relatively negligible unless you filter the smoke through a gallon or more of very fatty stuff.

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