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  2. Hi, I've recently started using marijuana again for an eye condition (Retinitis Pigmentosa) after about 15 yrs or non-use. The stuff I've tried has been killer kick-a**, don't remember it being this potent hehe...but I absolutely can't stand the mental sluggishness/fogginess I'm experiencing as a side effect. It sometimes seems to take a week, or more, before the haziness lifts (purple haze?) and I feel mentally alert and myself again. Is there anything I can take or do to eliminate or reduce this problem? For instance, should I take aspirin or somthing similiar prior to smoking? Or maybe something after? Would the use of a vaporizier help? If anyone has any help, advice, or suggestions I'd very greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much in advance. SquinkyEye ;o)
  3. A vaporizer may help it can produce a different type of high. ALso have you tried taking gingko biloba maybe thatll aid your memory skills. Lastly maybe switchin the type of weed you are smokin could help. Maybe try a sativa strain or hybrid if you are only smoking indica's :) Good luck

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