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  1. Testing

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  2. Why can't I use that for my picture under my name?
  3. MY pic was to big and I used printshop delux to make it smaller.
    That was the only way I could use it for an avtar.
  4. It's smaler than 70x70 and I think it's under 10k
  5. Well thats all the help I can give you, but I'm pretty sure some one here will help you get it done.
    good luck.[​IMG]
  6. I'M not sure animated GIFs are allowed- ask SJ he might have a clue
  7. ice cream kids is so you must beable to i would think ! good luck tazz11
  8. Yah, you should definetely to have an animated one. Try this one i resized it to the same dimensions of mine. 50 pixels x 50.

    Good luck


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  9. test yteslkfdl;nkfds
  10. dont feel bad dude i just tryed for a half hour to make this my avatar with no luck dude !

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  11. Use thisn one it's the same image just smaller.
    Right click on te image below.
    Save picture as.......
    Go to edit profile
    Edit Options/ Go to the bottom of the page and click on "change Avatar"
    Go to the bottom of the page and click the "Yes, Use custom avatar"
    Then click on browse and choose the Image you just saved

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  12. i tryed that but it say the pic is to large!
  13. I've been tryin to do the same shit.......never have got it right!!! Adobe PhotoShop........hhhmmmmm..........
  14. whats up gal ! and yes this shit drives me nuts ! if i make it any smaller i wont even find it!lol
  15. Sorry! Use this one then...

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