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  1. I like marijuana, you like marijuana, we like marijuana, legalize mariujana just smooooke and bloooow a bluuuunt with meeee....

    I can feel it in the back of my mind
    It's like Mary Jane came at the right time
    While I'm feinding the vine
    I take a look at the sky to make me feel like a nigga wanna stay high
    Take a look at my eyes
    You'd probably think I was blind
    When you see a nigga's eyes that know fool
    The people crook a nigga so cool
    I been high all day me and the niggas that I'm close to
    Up in the glass house BLOW!
    Ooh, and I'm loving this shit
    Mary Jane to the brain, I'm in love with ya bitch
    Don't know what I'd do if you didn't exist
    No better way to calm me down when I'm stressin' and shit
    See there's a blessing for this
    Now where the Indo
    Getting higher than I can go
    Roll it up I wanna see it in the air let the wind blow
    All I wanna see is big smoke
  2. just listening to that yesterday. and i don't listen to much rap at all.
  3. are you serious? You were listening to the song in my post or the song in my quote? I'll be amazed if you say the song in my post, because thats pretty underground and I didn't even think there were rap fans on this board, apart from the eminem/50 cent clueless fan :O

  4. the one in ur sig
  5. Aw, well its still good. what'd you think of it?
  6. moved to Music Hall, because it doesn't belong anywere really... ;)
  7. testing ma sig...

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  8. and again..

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