test setup- hows it lookin

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  1. this is my first grow with a GenHydro Waterfarm, Hydrotron pellets, a 23w 6500k & 68w 4100k cfl, & Flora series nutrients. sprouted 3/16

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  2. Sexy man....one of my fav mass production hydro grows

    Sexy porn shot
  3. Pretty girl! Whats her flavor?
  4. haha thanks! not sure what flavor exactly, but she looks like an indica
  5. Looks pretty good man!

    I've been interested in those WaterFarms for a while now... However, I ended up buying black buckets and creating simple dwc bubblers. I'd love to see the progress with your WaterFarms.
  6. I'll update pics weekly, or sooner if any drastic changes happen
  7. Looks very nice man, if I were you next time around I'd paint the walls of your space white or get a hold of some mylar. Both of those will reflect more light than the foil you have now.
  8. Looking good
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    here's some new shots. Anyone have any suggestions on when to start the transition and how long i should use the transition nute formula?

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  10. very nice and green man lol, good job, judging by the space you have id say flip that quick lol

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