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Test Report :abv Brownies Whitout Heating Oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by weedshallbefree, Jun 5, 2013.

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    first, this was the first time i consumed thc by eating it, and i decided to report here since ive took most of my knowledge in badkitty's cooking thread, and the edible section. the idea of cold infusion oil instead of heat came from another forum but i dunno if im allowed to say another forum name.,it got me because it was impossible for me to make my house stink up
    Tolerance info:
    how much i used to smoke a day 2-3g
    when i vape 1- 1.3g
    strain :
    og and purp Abv 23g into 18 brownies
    odor :
    no odor will making the oil , slight odor while in oven but smell more like its burned and not that bad ,the odor took 20 min to dissipate afther that you could barely tell someone made brownies and i had the oven fan on max all the time whit a window open
    all of us really loved the taste , they were soft had a slight off taste but not like pot ,more like it was over cooked a lil bit dunno how to explain but tasty 
    effectiveness  report:
    me and a friend took half a brownie, the other took a complete brownie
    afther 20 min we smoked a joint  then vaped a lil bit the effect took around 1h:15m and 1h:45m to kick
    me :
    i got a good head buzz like a cloud around my head , i could fall alseep if i wanted too effectivness 4 -6 hour  i think i would be alrgiht taking a full one next time ,really loved the mood
    it didnt kick in but was a creeper , wanted to try half since it was my first time.
    the friend who took a full brownie :
    he felt it more like a kick in he had a lil headhache but we were playing Age of Empire 3 online and maybe he was trying too hard to focus on a game while all he wanted was to go crash in his couch
    and be wasted he said he liked the mood but ill know more tomorow,he said he was heavy stoned and ad trouble following the game :)
    EDIT: ive called him today and he told me not to give a full one to someone  not  used ill know more later today
    SO here is what i did:
    1.Oil mix
    -ive mixed  coconut oil whit canola until it was able to stay liquid at room temp,
    -added 1 teaspoon of soy lecithin for each 3/4 tablespoon of oil i had then
    -ive added a lil bit of  almond and avocado oil , i keep it in a mason jar
    -ive re grinded all my abv into powdeer
     -i added it in a masson jar then added just enough oil to cover it all then a lil bit more,
    -ive added a dash of salt and a teaspoon of vinegar
    -put in freezer 6 hour then 
    -put that in my safe for 5 day shaking it 1-2 time a day
    3.making brownies
    -pre heated at 320 F
    -ive added my oil to my brownie mix whitout strainning as i didnt want to miss them
    ive added white chocolate chip and crushed almond into it
    chose to add a second egg ive added a lil bit of water  even if i had put more oil
    -ive baked at 310 for 20 min then 305 for the other 25 min
    -put in freezer until ready to cut


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