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Test Pot Brownies for Legitimacy

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by nssk11, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I found a dealer in montreal who specializes in selling baked goods that are cooked with cannabutter. The dealer was a 19 year old blonde girl who cooks, so it doesnt look that sketchy. However, i still would like to test the brownies to see if theres only weed in it (not other drugs). Is this possible? Or to test if it contains THC
    My friend tried it and he said he did not hallucinate or anything
  2. hmm, well i dont hallucinate when I eat weedbrownies either but it does take a deal of time before they kick in...just give her the cash and eat the brownies man. life rolls on
  3. Just get her address and if she rips u off, wait until u have to take a shit, then poop in a paper lunch bag, bring it to her door step, light it on fire, after this ring the doorbell.
  4. Just try it once, cut your losses if it's not what you thought. And in all's cheaper to cook with MJ than most anything else.
  5. just buy one brownie, they cant be that expensive, and test it yourself. She wont put other drugs in it lol

    If it doesnt work, fuk it and move on.

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