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Test OK, the AZO way!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by blkarmphoenix, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Ive been seeing alot of posts on here recently with new tokers worried about drug tests. whether it be a home test, test for a job, probation, you name it this thread is to educate you on one cheap efficient way to clean out your system.

    Step 1: Go to your local Wal-mart, or any other general store, and go to the pharmacy department. Look for AZO standard. They are little red pills that come in a blisterpack in a box. They are made for treating womens bladder infections, in a nutshell they go through and strip clean your urinary tract.

    Step 2: There are several methods for how to use these pills I will cover the way I have personally used and know works. You will need:

    6 AZO standard pills

    3 days clean prior to your test.


    Day 1.... Take 3 of your pills. Down em all at once, and go about your day. You won't notice anything untill you have to pee. When you do you may become alarmed. Your urine will most likely be anywhere from a dark brown to neon orange, and will continue to change throughout this process. Don't worry, this is just from the dyes and ingrediants used in the pills.

    Day 2.... Take 2 of your pills, go on about your day. Continue to drink lots of water as you must flush the AZO through your system.

    Day 3.... Take 1 of your pills, grab that culligan bottle and start chuggin. This is your home stretch, youve taken your last dose, You will begin to notice your urine gradually fade back to its normal color.

    Step 3: Take your test :)

    Ive personally used this method to pass an employment drug screening. Ive read that it keeps you clean untill you smoke again, but I cant vouch for this. I smoked right after my test. :p

    I can not promise this will work for everyone, as I am no scientist. But it has worked for me and I have known many other people to use it as well.

    Hope this helps, let me know when you pass!
  2. If someone could test this it sounds like a pretty good idea, better than the niacin plans and what not.

    Could you tell me, does it hurt when you pee that shit outta your system?

  3. this is completely irrelevant but when i saw your sig i laughed so fucking hard lol
  4. Not a bit man. A lot of people are turned off to this method because of the colors. Its just from the ingredients in the pill. I personally find it funny. cracks my shit up to go piss and have it be the color of a a construction sign lol.
  5. Is the urine supposed to stay funky color until/after the 3rd day? I took 3 today & the coloring only lasted a few hours, back to normal now.
  6. Sounds like it does work, it would be nice if some people had more experiences with it though.
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    Don't worry if your urine doesnt stay the red color. It is just like that because of the contents of the pills. Mine did the same thing. It all just depends on how fast you flush it through your system. Tomorrow after you take your next dose, it'll be plenty red again.

    Make sure to post back with your results though! I would love if some personal testimonies in this thread could help some people be more confident trying this.


    Just re-read and saw the /after part. Just to clarify, you want your urine to be normal colored when you take your test.

    Don't want anyone peein red for a drug test....
  8. I just did some research on this, many people have had great success passing using AZO. BUT...they have had several reports of a tampered test or causing a false positive. I guess the doctor will call you can you'll have to say your taking AZO for a UTI or something.
  9. I would think tampered test resulsts would be from people who don't let it clear their system before taking the test. Maybe not peeing red... but amber isnt good either.

    Like I said though. this could be. I'm not a scientist, I just know it worked for me.

    However. like with any method of passing a DT, the only %100 fail-proof way to pass is by not smoking.
  10. Alright I see. Yeah the color actually returned a bit last night & this morning, haha. Just wanted to make sure it was happening right.

    Will definitely keep updated to let people know if it works or not :)
  11. Well, if your a guy taking women's urinary tract pills, woulden't they notice something. Just saying if you passed but they look for that.
  12. If you cant find AZO find Uricalm same ingredients, I've got a lot of experience passing tests with this method, let me find the other thread and paste what I wrote in there last night, it's fool proof to pass a test as long as its only for THC
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  13. This thread will be a very useful tool for us on probation or parole...

    Body Type: Muscular, barely any fat
    15 days to clean
    Pass or fail; Passed

    I get tested twice a month and smoke over an eigth of grade-A top shelf medical a day..
    What I do is drink water until I piss clear atleast ten times, I'll piss in a water bottle and hold it up to sunlight to make sure it is indeed free of any color..
    After that I chop in half a UTI pill called "uricalm"
    I take that and continue to drink water, in 30 minutes it adds color to the specimen..
    So what you have in the end is a diluted specimen with the color of a non-diluted specimen, it works everytime for me...
    Not to mention I also take a creatine supplement, keep in mind it takes 3 days for creatine to build up in the body and blood stream so taking one dose before a test isn't likely to help you.
    Some lab tests also test for specific gravity, you can achieve a diluted specimen with a regular specific gravity by adding one teaspoon of salt to a big gatorade and drinking it with the Uricalm 30-45 minutes before the test.
    If you're running low on funds and cant find uricalm you can use a monster energy drink for color..
    Monster is full of B12 and will color your urine in 30 minutes, I suggest the uricalm though because it masks a little bit by itself..
    It's important to only take half of the Uricalm because if you take a whole one your urine will be orange instead of yellow.
    I hope this helps anyone who needs this information.

    It's also important to add that I have to call a line every day to see if I go test..
    I wake up and don't eat and do this routine and fully flush my body until I have to call..
    If I have to go I take the Uricalm and keep drinking water until I leave to go test.
    Dont chug water, just drink it at a steady pace, you'll pee clear after 2-3 yellows..
    It's very important to keep urinating, keep in mind they aren't looking for THC..
    They're looking for it's metabolites.

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  14. this seems kinda odd since THC is stored in the fat which could take a month or so to burn off but some woman's urinary pill can clean that shit out of your body and fat amazes me
  15. So i get drug tested randomly by my parents and was wondering if these pills actually work. Yes I am 18. I am a bit apprehensive because i read on anOther site that taking this pill will make you come up as a false positive. Also does it keep you clean until you smOke again?
  16. TBH I wouldn't bother with shit like this. Lots of water, exercise, and time is your best option. If there was any easy guaranteed way of passing that isn't using someone elses' piss it would be on the news and we would all know about it.
  17. LOL men can get UTIs you know ... it isn't just women.
  18. Didn't work for me. I took 4 pills the 1st day, drank tons of water & urinated ALOT. Took 4 a 2nd day & drank quite a bit of water, urinated throughout the day. Tested almost a week after taking them & did not pass.
  19. Didn't do it, gotta piss clear first atleast 6 times, take half of an azo to color the clear urine keep drinking water urinate frequently while drinking the water then it will turn yellow from the pill.
    This is the point where you take the test...
    Taking 4 azo pills is hard on your kidney's, that's stupid shit and bad advice.
  20. Was urinating clear. All I did was state that I took 4...never told anyone else to.

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