TEST( No Point To Looking At This)

Discussion in 'General' started by Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. Just seeing if I got the pic thing down in my sig for you who looked at this...
  2. hehe, i had to look. too much mystery to just ignore.
  3. For those who did look at this how do you like the new pic :D
  4. hehe, crazy ol' pothead ed. up to his old shinanigans again.
  5. lol, thats funny. i like the sig
  6. very cool, i like it
  7. I dont know if my computer is just being a bitch or if my pic is screwed up... for me now it just shows up as a white box with a little red X in the middle so could someone tell me if it really still works? Thanks for liking the sig I have seen some killer ones around here myself...
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  8. Probably geocities is down, or they removed your diskspace where your signature graphic is stored, I also have red x in my screen.

    So don't throw your PC of the window :)


  9. Well, I have to face that pothead ed is gone so I replaced him with this blueberry pic but noticed that it is rather large so if anyone know of a smaller but just as good if not better pic of blueberry could you please show it to me... :D
  10. i mis pot head ed.
  11. Oh my, that's a nice looking chunk of pot!

    My lungs are expanding just looking at it.
  12. who is pot head ed?
  13. heres my new sig.
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  14. i like that sig
  15. I like the name too. Original!

    The weirdest threads get the attention 'round here! :D

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